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How to Use Effective Messaging to Attract Quality Reps For Your Home Business

How to Use Laser Targetted Messaging to Attract Highly Targetted Leads For Your Home BusinessMessage in a Bottle

If you run a home business with a network marketing aspect, you should find this post helpful.  Even if you’re an affiliate marketer or a top tier marketer, I know you’ll get benefit from it.
Apart from selling products, your income will grow when you become effective at building teams.  And that’s where effective messaging comes in.   The best messaging talks directly to the prospect – they believe that it was written just for them.
I remember a story about messaging when I was running sales teams decades ago.  Every Monday we’d hold a sales meeting, and I would give a talk.  Sometimes the discussion was expansive and enthusiastic, but if sales were down I often administered some tough love in the form of an exhortation for backsliders to lift their game.
I lost count of the number of reps who came up to me afterward, and said ‘Were you talking about me?’  My answer was always the same: ‘maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t!’  Off they went with a perplexed and concerned look on their face (they thought I was picking on them.)
Messaging can be like that.
But the point is that the best messaging should engender a feeling in the minds of your reader or listener  that you are talking directly to them.  Ever had that happen to you?  Ever read an article or a blog post that really ‘clicked’ with you?  Say yes.  So now that I’ve got your attention, let’s look at some of the key points about this important topic.

What Is Messaging?

Broadly, messaging can be anything you do or produce that your leads or audience will see or hear.
So in answer to the question – what is messaging?  Messaging is this:

  • Your Blog. If you have a blog your messaging needs to be spot on, every time.  Messaging takes the form of text-based and video-based content.  Most blog sites also have an About page plus other pages.  Make sure the messaging resonates with readers. Plenty of websites look good and satisfy the functionality requirement.  But the content?  Oh, dear.  Often it’s a case of grit your teeth and ‘count the cliches’.
  • Your Capture Pages.  If you’re sending traffic to your company capture page the result may be mediocre due to a number of factors, not the least of which is saturation.  If the page has been used by a number of other affiliates and reps the marketplace may not respond to the page anymore.  Therefore, you may find it better to create your own with your own unique headline and supporting text.
  • Your Emails. If you run a dedicated email program it is vital that your messaging resonates with the reader.  Not only should you send emails several times a week, the messages need to hit the spot for the reader.
  • Your Voice-Based Interactions.  Whether you talk to prospects on the phone or face to face, the quality of your verbal and non-verbal messaging is paramount.   This  is where the rubber really hits the road.

The rest of this post will be devoted to text-based messaging.

Why Text-Based Messaging Is SO Important

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, yet few marketers get it right.
In its ultimate manifestation, good messaging can take people from being cold, skeptical and cynical to a point where they want to do business with you.  In other words, it will help you generate more leads, customers, team members, and of course income.
On the other hand, bad messaging will turn people off.  Too many websites are full of bland clichés that people are only too well aware of – they see them on your competitors’ sites too.
Good content can also dispel myths and negatives about your type of business whilst at the same time it will educate and build desire. In fact, great content can act as a catalyst for action – more visitors will make an inquiry.
So the imperative for you is to break free from the pack of other ‘me-too’ network marketers who still use traditional offline methods and transform your messaging into a potent strategy that educates, informs, differentiates and builds desire.

How I Used a Blog to Recruit More Team Members and Make More Sales 

Back in 2008 I started my first blog.  It was crude and amateurish.  Nevertheless within a couple of months my conversions had jumped significantly.  Why?  I sent prospects to my blog and instantly they could see I was a serious marketer and knew what I was talking about. Credibility went through the roof.
It is important to note that at that early point, the blog wasn’t producing any traffic in its own right.  So for me the blog wasn’t a traffic and lead generation tool; it was a conversion tool.
So that is my advice to you.  If you have a blog or planning on starting one, look at it as a way to boost your credibility, and hence your conversions.
Of course, if you’re a traditional network marketer you may not need a blog.  If you’re already doing well with tried and true strategies such as cold calling etc, keep doing it.  But if you crave a sweeter way to generate leads and boost your conversion rate, having a blog could be a game changer for you.

Spending Money On Ads? Don’t Waste It

Lots of reps spend money on ads.  Some still use predominately offline media, such as print ads.  But businesses are increasingly using online ads to get their message out. Ad platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook have snaffled up billions of dollars in revenue from business that want to get some online action happening.
But here is the problem.
If you’re sending visitors to a typical undifferentiated company sponsored page, which makes the same old claims in the same old way, your conversions will drop like a stone.
I suggest you put your ads on hold and embark on a messaging audit for your capture pages and your blog, as a number 1 priority.
I hope you enjoyed today’s post
From Kim Willis
The Digital Nomad
This post is a truncated and modified version of the original.  You can see it on my other blog:
 How to Use Laser Targetted Messaging to Attract Highly Profitable Customers 

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