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Organic Traffic and Lead Generation: Regular Lead Spikes From 'Free Sources'

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My Small Boutique List – Growing With Regular Lead Spikes, From Free (Organic) Sources.  How?

 It’s great to have big goals and reach them. But on a day to day basis it’s also good to celebrate small wins along the way too.
Take list building.
I describe my email list as a boutique list. Not a big list (6,200 subscribers), but it is responsive, which is the main thing.
My list is so responsive that it has generated commissions of up to $36,000USD in a single month.
When I was running lots of ads, I’d get ten to twenty new subscribers a day.
But I no longer do that. I made a strategic shift last year – I wanted more traffic from ‘free’ sources or what they call organic traffic.
The downside of organic is that it takes a while to build. So for the last six months, I’ve been averaging just a few leads a day from free sources.
Not good, right?
Not necessarily because some of the people who are joining my list are excellent people. Switched on people, who are hungry for knowledge
But recently I’ve been getting traffic and subscriber spikes
For instance, today and yesterday I’ve had 31 new people join my list (see the pic below).
Aweber stats March 21
Most of these new subscribers came from these sources:
– Free traffic from Google
– Free traffic from YouTube
– Free traffic from Twitter
– Free traffic from blogging activities
Was yesterday’s result a fluke?
No, the trend is my friend here because I’ve been getting small spikes for a couple of months. But the spikes are now bigger than before.
Gotta love that trend!
So, you like the idea of generating more leads from free/organic sources?
You do?
Because you’ll benefit when you attend one of my limited offer Free Consultations.
I’ll spill the beans for you.
 I’ll even share my screen and show you my AWeber autoresponder back office.
It’s called ‘watch and learn’, which is the best way to advance your knowledge – and belief.
Do it now.
Kim Willis
Your Online Marketing Coach
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