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You Need Skills to Pay Your Bills

Karaoke No Jokey (turns me into narky blokey)

 Yeah, well I’ve moved
I was going to go to Vietnam for 6 months but decided to stay put here in Cambodia for a while longer.
Reason. Frankly, I couldn’t handle the disruption.
So busy at the mo’ and losing a couple of weeks finding an apartment etc. didn’t put a smile on my dial.
But my lease was up in the old apartment so I had to move. Fortunately, I located a new one in just 2 hours. This was due mainly to my tuk-tuk driver/friend, who made a couple of ‘insider’ calls for me.
I’m now in a different district in Phnom Penh, called Russian Market. Despite its name, I haven’t seen a single Russian. But plenty of Americans, Australians, British and French people are here. And Cambodians, of course.
When I first saw the apartment, my immediate thought was ‘perfect.’ It’s brand new and located at the back of the building – no street noise, nice and quiet.
Or so I thought
Sadly, the feeling of peace was shattered on the first night with the intrusive noise of loud music. Yep. The oh so quiet apartment during the day is transformed into music central in the evening. Why? My apartment building backs onto a frigging karaoke bar.
So, fool me for not doing my due diligence beforehand.
(There’s a message here for internet marketers or budding home business owners.)
But there is some good news……..
When I close the windows and doors, the noise is less, and at 11 pm the volume is turned down by bar management. So what’s the point of this story? Well, after listening to some of these singers I’ve come to one conclusion.
Most of them are hopeless. Which is ok for them, because they’re mainly there to have a bit of fun. But every now and again I’ll hear someone who is so good, that I’m tempted to visit the bar and enjoy the show. This story also demonstrates that there are only a few people who stand out in life and business.
These are the deserving few who have learned their craft and honed their skills. They paid their dues and won the attention and respect of their audience.

Skills to Pay the Bills

Marketing is exactly like that too. A person without skills has a snowflakes chance in hell of making money online. Maybe that seems a bit harsh, but when you opted into my email list you probably did it because you liked my no hype style.
I know some people want another sugar hit of feel good blather, but that’s not you, right?
Look, the simple truth is that if you want to make money online, you have to be committed to the idea of learning a new skill. I had to do it. All the other successful marketers I know had to do it.
So, are you at that point where you’ve accepted the reality of the situation, and are now ready to put in some work? Yes? Awesome!
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Kim Willis
Digital Nomad

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2 thoughts on “You Need Skills to Pay Your Bills”

  1. Hi Kim,
    Never have been a karaoke fan and in fact I think it’s Japan’s revenge for losing WW2.
    But loved the way you linked your new apartment experiences to an essential element for success online. Sure this was one very different way to introduce the topic of “skills” but very amusing and it sure got my attention.
    You know people who aren’t prepared to learn new skills or improve the skils they already have are just plain lazy. If you are not interested in learning and growing your skill base then how in the heck do you expect to survive in the ever rapidly changing online world?
    You won’t – and don’t expect to either.
    And don’t staret looking around for someone or something to blame.
    As you may have gathered this fun post has raised a topic that really gets under my skin.
    Even today I had this guy complaining that he doesn’t want to watch some (free) video training about affiiate marketing because he knows all about that particular topic – and he’s been online for less than a week!
    Enough said – great post Kim
    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    • Thanks Peter
      Funny story too from you. Well, more like funny/sad – about the guy who didn’t want to watch a free training, presumably because he ‘knew it all’. These are probably the same people who moan and complain that they’re not making any money.
      In reference to my blog post, I sometimes lead with a funny story then figure out a way of linking it to a business point. All good
      Thanks Peter


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