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Should You Have a Blog For Your Home Business?

Should You Have a Blog For Your Home Business?

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Many network marketers and affiliate marketers ask this question: ‘should I have a blog?’
My answer is always the same.  “It depends.  It depends on you and the type of business you want to promote.”  Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Your Objective For the Blog.  Do you want it to generate traffic and leads?  Or do you see it more as a brand building and conversion tool?
  • Your Current Business Model.  If you’re a died in the wool traditional MLM type of person, you may not need a blog.  For instance, if you’re doing things like working in your local area, having lots of face to face contact – I can’t see the point of having a blog.

The Benefits of a Blog

For internet oriented marketers a blog is an excellent way to brand yourself and establish authority.  Over time, the search engines may even send you some free traffic too.  The way I look at it is that a blog is like a gift that keeps on giving by virtue of the fact that content you create today, will be there in five years time.  All that goodness for new people to devour.  Same comments apply to the SEO benefit – posts you create today may get ranked on say Google in the future.  Heck, I’ve got posts I wrote years ago that still get free traffic from the search engine gods.
But in the short to medium term, a blog will not be a traffic generating asset for you.  The name of the game is conversion.  My early experiences with my own blog were overwhelmingly positive.  In fact, within a month of launching my blog (in 2009) I could see my blog posts were increasing my posture and credibility with my prospects.  I’d send them to my blog and when I spoke to them again they were warmer and easier to work with.

The Downside of a Blog

They take work.  You must add new content at least once a week.  The content can be text based, video based or a combination of both – like this post.   You will also need to allocate time to promote your posts.  Just writing content without promoting it is a bit like buying inventory for a  shop and not advertising it. - banner final
Another downside is that if you are in a typical ‘small consumable products’ kind of network marketing business, recruitment will be the name of the game.  My experience has been that recruitment focused programs don’t work very well with a blogging strategy for one simple reason: lack of duplication with a blog.
Setting up and maintaining a blog is not a simple strategy.  You may be great at running a blog but understand that duplication is the name of the game in the small products MLM businesses.  Therefore, most people will not be able to follow your lead – MLM is hard enough without adding extra layers of complexity.
By the way, I’ve recorded a short video on the topic – take a look:

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2 thoughts on “Should You Have a Blog For Your Home Business?”

  1. Hi Kim,
    What a great write up of the pros and cons of having a blog. If one is doing anything online I believe a blog is in order.
    Maybe I am biased, but having a blog does help business. Yes, it takes time and consistency, but when we write something to help people, we get the know like and trust factor. If there is one thing that helps one person in a post we write, we are doing well.
    Our blog helps us build our own community.
    When I’m out marketing, most people will look me up to see if they want to do business with me. I do get a lot of feedback from my blog because it shows social proof. They will skim around my blog and opt into an offer because it is like a huge business card.
    I would say don’t blog if you don’t want to spend the time and energy that goes along with it.
    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for your great comment, Donna
      Yes, I’ve been using this blog for years so people can get to know me better. It’s also a great way to establish authority and instill confidence. That said I’m not a member of a traditional MLM style business which relies on massive duplication to make it work. Those businesses (pills, potions, and lotions) usually teach belly to belly marketing.
      If I was in one of those programs I probably wouldn’t use a blog.
      Thanks again, Donna


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