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Tim Ferris Mini Review – The 4 Hour Workweek Guru

Tim Ferris – Is It Possible to Prosper Working Only 4 Hours a Week? Claim to Fame: American digital nomad evangelist Products: Various books including the best sellers, 4 Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body, andThe 4-Hour Chef. Income Sources: Book sales Public speaking gigs Consulting assignments Angel investor  Brickbats: The concept of 4-hour workweek … Read more

Whiplash Movie – a Metaphor For Success

Whiplash Movie and the Message For Home Business Builders Recently I watched a great movie, Whiplash.  As the film opened, I immediately thought ‘ah, it’s a musical.’  I cast my mind back to the last musical I watched,  Mr. Holland’s Opus with Richard Dreyfus. But this is not feel good cinematic puffery.  In reality, it’s a strong, … Read more

Steve Essa Mini Review

Steven Essa Review – The Webinar Guy Claim to Fame: Australian internet and webinar marketing guru Products: Webinator software Courses Consulting Ok, I’ve got some more points on Steven Essa below, but to get a better understanding of the man, the myth and the legend, make sure you watch the video.  Here it is:  Brickbats: Entrepreneurial … Read more

Ray Higdon Mini Review

Ray Higdon Review – Is Ray Higdon the Real Deal? Claim to Fame: American network marketing and blogging guru. Income Sources: MLSP Membership Program Consulting Affiliate Product Sales – MLSP etc Own Product Sales Ok, I’ve got some more points on Ray Higdon below, but to get a better understanding about the man, the myth and … Read more

Email Marketing: How To Turn Your Daily Crap Into Emails That Sell

How to Leverage Everyday Experiences Into Email Marketing Messages With Sizzle You can create content for your email (or even for your blog) about any old thing. Any old idea no matter how tiny and unrelated to the thing you’re promoting will work. Why so? If you package the random idea correctly, it will be … Read more

Why Pull Marketing Is Still the Way to Go

Pull Marketing NOT Push Marketing For Your Home Business I’ve been using the internet to make money for ten years.  During that period, I’ve used many different lead generation strategies. Essentially there are two types of activities:  Pull Marketing (also called attraction or inbound marketing), and Push Marketing (also called outbound marketing).  Here is a bit more … Read more

Baby Boomers Retiring: Business Options For Baby Boomers

Retiring Baby Boomers – Ideas For More Income From one baby boomer to another I’ve got something to tell you. It ain’t all bad. Sure the old body doesn’t work as well as it used to. And sometimes we forget things. Well, at least I do! The good news is that we have a lifetime … Read more

Rick Otton Review – Is Rick Otton a Scam?

Rick Otton Review – Is Rick Otton a Scam? Claim to Fame: Australian Creative Property Deals Guru Products: Creative property deal making education programs Various products including self-study programs such as his Wrap Pack Flagship is his $3,000 Boot Camp Also sells personal mentoring program for $17,000 Ok, I’ve got some more points on Rick Otton … Read more