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Baby Boomers Retiring: Business Options For Baby Boomers

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Retiring Baby Boomers – Ideas For More Income

From one baby boomer to another I’ve got something to tell you.
It ain’t all bad.
Sure the old body doesn’t work as well as it used to. And sometimes we forget things. Well, at least I do!
The good news is that we have a lifetime of experiences behind us. Wisdom flows.
But there’s a problem.
Many baby boomers I talk to tell me their finances aren’t as good as they thought they would be when they retired. That’s why they look for other ways to make a buck. And besides, they feel they still have something to contribute.
Perhaps you already have capital and some retirement income, but you’ve discovered that it doesn’t quite give you enough moolah to do some of the extra things you want to do.
Now that you have plenty of extra time you would like to travel and enjoy some of the good things in life. So an extra $20k a year or more would fit the bill very nicely, right?
On the other hand, maybe you’re still in the workforce and dream of the day when you can quit and have more time for lifestyle.
Either way, you want more income, but also want more time to enjoy it.
So time and money freedom are big issues for a lot of baby boomers.
So what options are there?
Well, I recorded a rough and ready video for you. It was shot from my apartment balcony, here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Take a look:

I mentioned time and money freedom.  But there’s one more type of freedom that many don’t talk about.  It’s location freedom.  Ideally, you want to generate income that is not dependent on you residing in one place to do it.  Having the freedom to move around if you want, is another important consideration.
Assuming you’ve watched the video you’ll note that I included a number of different options one of which is online marketing.  I’ve been making full-time money online since I started in 2006.  I’ve had a few ups and downs since then but my commitment to this way of doing things is rock solid – unwavering in fact.
In fact, when my wife died in 2011 I was still able to keep some income flowing during a very sad period in my life.  So my belief in this way of doing business and making money is absolute.  You could say I’m an evangelist.
But here the thing
It’s not for everyone.  It works best for people who are commerically oriented.  Even if you’ve led a sheltered life working for the government, if you fancy yourself as an entrepreneur or business owner, it could still be a good fit.
If after watching the video you’d like to dig a little deeper, click on the banner below for more information: - banner final

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