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Email Marketing: How To Turn Your Daily Crap Into Emails That Sell

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How to Leverage Everyday Experiences Into Email Marketing Messages With Sizzle

You can create content for your email (or even for your blog) about any old thing.
Any old idea no matter how tiny and unrelated to the thing you’re promoting will work.
Why so?
If you package the random idea correctly, it will be interesting to the reader.
They’ll lap it up like a greedy cat laps up cream in a dish.
Then all you need do is create a bridge from the initial idea to your business message, and you’re finished
The point is this: Don’t always pitch people about your wonderful product or business opportunity, Do it and they’ll turn off faster than a bride drops her knickers on her wedding night.
But not everyone thinks you can create content around everyday events.
Oh yeah?
Here are just a few of the seemingly mundane things I’ve written about in the past:
• Getting my haircut
• A movie I watched
• A tv show I watched
• My daily walk
• Hot weather
• Donald Trump
• Something I ate
Like I said, you can write about anything you want and link it to a business message.

Your Small Life – Not As Small As You Think

Ok, I get it.  You lead a tiny life.  So do I.  Some people who know me may say otherwise. After all, I’m a digital nomad who has spent the last two years living in foreign countries (Asia) and doing some amazing things.
But the reality is that on a day to day basis I’m just like you.  I have my routines, and I grind things out in my business. I do small things.
Despite this, a day rarely passes when I don’t ‘see’ a story idea for my business.
Let me give you some examples:
Three weeks ago I moved into a new apartment here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I chose the apartment at the back of the building figuring it would be quiet as it was well away from the street.  How wrong I was.
What I didn’t notice was that the building backs onto a karaoke bar.  The first night I moved in I was made well aware of it with some loud music blasting into my living room.  So I wrote a story with this heading: Karaoke No Jokey Turns Me Into Narky Blokey.
Crazy headline, yeah?
Sure.  But it’s that kind of headline that helps to ensure that people read your blog posts and open your emails.
At this point, you’re probably thinking ‘what’s a story like that got to do with selling stuff?’  That’s a valid question and here is my answer. The opening story doesn’t necessarily need to be about business.  It could be about anything interesting,  providing that you can effectively transition from the story to your business message.  That’s all that matters.

Majoring in Minors

As I said, you can develop great stories from seemingly unimportant events that probably happen to you every day.  To flesh out the concpet some more here are some examples:

  • After a disagreement with your spouse, you can show how you negotiated a ‘settlement’ that both of you saw as a win/win. Use the story as a metaphor for a marketing related business point you want to make.
  • Your kid was naughty but rather than use force to punish him, you quizzed him and got to the cause of the problem, and offered a solution (problem-solving metaphor).
  • You went to the gym for your daily workout and met this old guy who talked about his stint in Vietnam during the conflict in the late 60’s. He spoke about his fear of dying and how he overcame it (a metaphor about courage)
  • You went to a social gathering and met an eccentric person who had you laughing your head off within a minute of meeting her. She shared her life story including how she came back from the brink of insanity and went on to become a best-selling author (a metaphor for persistence and creativity).

small life 1

How to Segue From Your Slice of Life Story to a Potent Business Message

Rather than write an in-depth tutorial on how to do it I think it’s best to give you a couple of examples of how I create a bridge from an everyday story to the business message and call to action.
Check this one:

Example 1.  A Non-Linked Story (Email)

This is a copy of an email I sent to my list.  I haven’t developed this one into a blog post, but it gives you an idea of the technique in action. This particular email did not link to a business point.  I only told the story and went directly to the offer
Headline: That Was the Week That Was – I Feel Like a Beer
Body Copy Showing the Crossover:
It’s hot here, and a brief thought that flickered through my reptile like brain was  ‘Mmm, a beer would be nice’.
It’s Friday afternoon so will hold off till I go out tonite for a bowl of pasta.
Besides, I wanted to get this 17-minute video to you.
There are two sections:
1. What People are Saying About blah blah.  Yes, they’re excited about it.
2. How Quickly Will You Make Money?  Quicker than you think – I explain why.  I also touch on the topic of traffic and leads – my dead easy way to get ’em flowing.
Watch it Here
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Get into the game with me.  I’ll be here to help ya.
Kim Willis
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Example 2.  A Linked Story (email)

Goodness, two stories in a row about alcohol.  But it’s not what you think.  This story is about a movie I watched and loved – called Sideways.  The potent message from this film had a dramatic and adverse effect on the sale of a particular type of red wine, merlot.  So this is a marketing related story which I segued into a business point.
You can easily use this technique.  If you see a good movie or TV show.  Write about it then figure out a way you can link it your business message and offer.
Headline: I’m Not Drinking Any Farcking Merlot!
Body Copy Showing the Crossover:
One of the funniest scenes in the wine obsessed 2004 movie, Sideways, was when wine buff Paul Giamatti uttered the fateful words ‘I’m not drinking any fucking Merlot’, in response to an invitation to drink the vile red stuff.
Yes, I hesitated to include the F word in all its glory but somehow think that to omit it would neuter this little story.
Although the movie was a cult movie the impact those words had on the sale of Merlot was immense.  Sales dropped by more than half within months, and it’s only now, all these years later, that sales have finally recovered.
So what’s the point of this story?
Well, it gives further weight to my recent email when I talked about the power of stories to move people.  Think about it – just six words uttered in jest in a small budget movie, brought an entire industry to its knees.
You can read my blog post on the topic of storytelling here:
How to Engage and Persuade Through Potent Storytelling
Because this is such a vital skill to master, soon I will be commencing work on a new training on this topic.  Look out for it.
Of course, great storytelling is just one of the topics we could cover in my 20 Minutes With Kimbo free consultation offer.
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Kim Willis
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The Wrap Up

Ok, that gives you an idea on how to use this technique.  If you use it, you will increase your engagement and sales conversions.  And people will stay on your list for longer.  Try it out and let me know  how you got on. - banner final

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