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Steve Essa Mini Review

Steve Essa Review

Steven Essa Review – The Webinar Guy

Claim to Fame:

  • Australian internet and webinar marketing guru


  • Webinator software
  • Courses
  • Consulting

Ok, I’ve got some more points on Steven Essa below, but to get a better understanding of the man, the myth and the legend, make sure you watch the video.  Here it is:


  • Entrepreneurial strategies may be difficult to implement by non-sales types. 


  • Larger than life personality – he gets people excited
  • Automated webinar system makes it easier for people to run their own webinar program

Adverse Media:

  • Little or none


Steve Essa Review – The Wrap Up

There you have it.  A brief summary of the key points about Steve Essa.  To get a more complete understanding of Steve, watch my video.
Is Steve Essa a scam?  No.  He is not a rip off artist, and he gives good value to his students.   However his strategies are very entrepreneurial, so if you’ve never done an entrepreneurial thing in your life, perhaps it’s not for you. - banner final

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