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Whiplash Movie – a Metaphor For Success

whiplash movie

Whiplash Movie and the Message For Home Business Builders

Recently I watched a great movie, Whiplash.  As the film opened, I immediately thought ‘ah, it’s a musical.’  I cast my mind back to the last musical I watched,  Mr. Holland’s Opus with Richard Dreyfus.
But this is not feel good cinematic puffery.  In reality, it’s a strong, riveting drama that will have you hooked from the first frame to the last.
Whiplash is a movie about a young up and coming jazz drummer and his overbearing mentor.  Although Miles Teller takes on the lead role as the drummer, in truth the real star is J.K. Simmons.  His Oscar-winning performance as the alpha male big band leader is astonishing.
On one level Whiplash is a story about the power play between master and student.  But there is a deeper message here.
In truth, this is a tale about the quest for excellence and the price you must pay to reach it.  Achieving great success isn’t pretty.  At times, it hurts a lot.  And sometimes you feel like quitting.
Press on regardless.
Here is my short video, for more insights:

Watch this movie – you’ll love it.  But before you do take a look at my short video for more insights (above).

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