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Brett McFall Review – Is Brett McFall a Scam?

brett mcfall review - is brett mcfall a scam

Brett McFall a Born Salesman – But Can He Help You?

Claim to Fame:

  • Australian internet marketing guru

Income Sources:

  • Book: How to Make Money Whilst You Sleep
  • Seminars
  • Consulting and Mentoring 

Here is my mini review video about Brett McFall:


  • Smarmy delivery style can be grating
  • He pitches to the bum end of the biz opp market – attracts all manner of misfits
  • Potential for aggrieved customers is high
  • Adverse publicity and scrutiny 


  • Good basic marketing information
  • Has given many people the confidence and know-how to set up their own internet business
  • A brilliant salesman – could sell icecream to eskimos


Brett McFall Mini Review – The Wrap Up

There you have it.  A brief summary of the key points about Brett McFall.  To get a better understanding of Brett, watch my video.
Is Brett McFall a scam?  Some say yes, but on balance he is not.  If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can learn a lot from Brett McFall. - banner final

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