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James Schramko Review

James Schramko review

Is James Schramko the Real Deal?

Claim to Fame:

  • Australian internet marketing guru

Income Sources:

  • Membership Program
  • Consulting
  • Affiliate Product Sales
  • SEO Services (this business has now been sold)
  • Silver Circle Mentoring 


  • Slightly arrogant delivery style may be grating to some


  • Good information delivered in a no hype manner
  • Attracts good guest speakers and interviewees
  • Includes an attractive membership and mentoring program


James Schramko Review – The Wrap Up

There you have it.  A brief summary of the key points about James Schramko.  To get a more complete understanding of James, watch my video.
Is James Schramko a scam?  No.  He is not a rip off artist, and he gives good value to his students and customers.   A straight shooter who delivers on his promises, and then some. - banner final

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2 thoughts on “James Schramko Review”

  1. Hi Kim,
    Excuse my ignorance mate but I only am aware of James from a membership program he once had and a few podcasts I came across..
    Actually the podcasts I got access to had no costs involved and were pretty good value. And he certainly attracts some quality people for his podcast interviews.
    However, he sounds like a smart cookie but with perhaps a thin skin – based on his reaction to your previous video.
    I’ll stick with you mate – much more relatable style as far as I’m concerned.
    Best wishes as always from the remote Thai village blogger

    • Hi Peter,
      James is a smart guy, smarter than me!
      Yes, I have listened to some of the podcasts. A little dry for me, but clearly valuable for a lot of people.
      Thanks mate


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