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MLSP and Power Lead System? Why I Quit

 sales funnel systemMLSP and Power Lead System?  A Better Way to Get Leads

Have you heard of funnel systems like MLSP and Power Lead System?  I know there are others, but I am familiar with these two.
Indeed, I joined and promoted both.  The idea was to use them as a front end hook and then ‘back end’ members into my primary biz opportunity program.
But here’s what I found……
When I expended time and energy promoting them, the sales for my primary business dropped.
Dilution of focus.
Before I continue, here is my video on this topic:

In every instance when I put the funnel system to one side and went back to promoting my main program, sales jumped nicely.  This is a passion game.  We only have so much passion and energy to go around.
And the problem is that these programs tend to become an end in themselves.  They can suck your energy and zap your resolve.  At least that’s been my experience.
Bottom Line.  Be very clear about where the money is – and focus on that.
A better way to get leads:
Create your own simple funnel system.
You’d be amazed how easy it is.
How do you do it? Use a simple lead magnet strategy such as a free report.
I’ve got one on Instagram Marketing, which is a hot topic now. I also did the same thing for a report on ‘How to Make Money With Snapchat’ And get this – I didn’t even write the report (and I’m a writer). Instead, I bought the rights to it for a one off payment of 27 bucks.
I’ll promote the Instagram lead magnet soon. Bottom line? More leads for me from people who are in the make money niche. Elegant simplicity without the conflict and complication that flows from promoting a commission based lead funnel system.
Simplicity is better – so create your own simple system instead. Then you can focus 100 per cent on building your main biz.
Kim Willis
Digital Nomad
P.S.  I still pay my monthly subs to one of them – MLSP – because they have some useful training and other
services.  But I no longer promote it as a ‘lead funnel system’.  That’s the key point. - banner final


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1 thought on “MLSP and Power Lead System? Why I Quit”

  1. Hi Kim,
    I completely agree with you on this one. I haven’t used MLSP / Power Lead System that you mention, but I have had similar occasions where I was promoting my main business and then tried to add on a supporting tool with a monthly cost. In all cases it was a waste of time and the main business suffered.
    I have two problems with the concept – one is the dilution of effort that you mention, and the second is that people usually join a business to make money, so to immediately hit them with a monthly cost seems counter-intuitive.
    This was particularly the case with my main business where a one-off cost qualifies you for life, yet someone was trying to convince me to sell one of these monthly programs to my team members. Frankly I’d rather my team spent that monthly cost on more products or used it for solo-ads, keeping their promotional efforts to the main business instead of “just find 2” to cover the cost of these tools.
    I have a one-off cost squeeze page generator that links in to my auto-responder, and – come to think of it – my blog theme has an option to produce nice squeeze pages too.
    Pleased to see someone agreeing with me about these extra monthly costs.
    Have a great weekend.
    Joy – Blogging After Dark


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