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Dean Holland iPro Review

Dean Holland iPro ReviewIs Dean Holland and iPro The Real Deal?

Claim to Fame:

  • British internet marketing guru

Primary Companies/Offers/Platforms/Funnels:

  • iPro Partners
  • The Affiliate Club
  • Big Commission Blueprint

Income Sources:

  • Training Products
  • Coaching Programs
  • Various fees 


  • Strategies may be difficult to replicate by non-entrepreneurial types
  • Lack of charisma may be off-putting for some

For an Insider’s Insight on Dean Holland watch my illuminating video:


  • First class marketer
  • Refreshing change from the usual American hype merchants
  • Down to earth style appeals to many people
  • Big ticket products offer opportunities to quickly earn above average income
  • Excellent training 



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Is Dean Holland a scam?  No.  He is not a rip off artist, and he gives good value to his students and customers.   A straight shooter who delivers on his promises, and then some.
Correction.  The video shows some inaccuracies.  Peter Beckenham sent me this note, setting the record straight:
“Hi Kim. It’s Peter Beckenham here and as you know I’m an IPRO partner and I watched your video review with great interest. Can I please make a few corrections for you. The Big Commission Blueprint is an inexpensive frontend product that leads into the membership program called The Affiliate Club.”
“These 2 products along with other “free plus shipping” offers similar to MOBE’s “Limitless” ebook offer and various other products varying in price from $47 to $197 constitute the major frontend sales funnels. The backend higher priced offers include the various partnership offers, mastermind groups and some high-level coaching and mentoring programs along the lines that you see with Russell Brunson.”
“One last thing – a partner can earn commissions on any product whether they have purchased them or not. However, the higher their buy in investment, the higher their commission earnings potential can be. Hope this helps clarify things in an otherwise very honest and helpful review.”
If you have an interest in the IPRO program contact Peter here. - banner final

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