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What My Mentors Taught Me


Can a Mentor Help You Grow Your Home Based Business?

I’ve had many mentors over the years. Most were in the offline world. But I also had a couple in the online world, one of whom is still a good friend to this day (all these years later.)
But I can attribute a lot of the success I’ve had online to the early lessons I learned from my offline mentors. All I did was apply their great lessons to my online network/affiliate marketing activities. These people indirectly helped me sell millions of dollars of products online. To this day they have no idea that they helped me in my new online adventure.
The thing I like about working with a mentor is that they can often see things that I can’t see. I’m too close to my business and am often oblivious to problems until someone with a good set of ‘eyes’ alerts me.
Another reason I think it’s essential for marketers and small business people to have a mentor or coach is that they can expand your vision of what is possible. If you choose the right one, they will bring to the table lots of experience, knowledge, and know-how. So, a good mentor will expand your thinking and help you take your business to another level.
The final benefit of having a mentor is accountability. Not that the mentor’s role is to manage and motivate you. But just having someone you talk to on a regular basis will tend to lift your game. You want to please your mentor, right?
Anyway, here are some of the key things I learned from my mentors:

1. It’s Not Your Product Or Company

Building a team and selling product has little to do with your company’s excellent products etc., although it will help. It’s primarily about the pain points and hot buttons of your prospects. In other words, it’s about them, not you. Do you know what the pain points and hot buttons of your target audience is? No? You had better find out quick.
Your future prosperity will depend on it. But it’s not just about knowing what they are. You have to know how to use them effectively so that prospects will lean forward and almost beg you to show them a solution to their problem. Combine those with your passion and belief, and you’ll knock it out of the park.

2. Offer More Value Than the Next Guy

If you can provide various tools, systems, and training, shout it from the rooftops. If you’ve learned a technique that can help them get off to a fast start, share it. For example, if know how to generate leads for free on Facebook or Twitter. If so, tell them you will help them get started using this simple method.

3. Follow Up = Fortune

It’s where the money is. I’ve lost count of the number of times I followed up on a prospect and did business with them, sometimes a year later. Timing is everything. Some people you talk to are not ready yet. Follow them up in a month, and you may get a different response. Most marketers never follow up, or if they do, they do it badly.  So, make the commitment to become a follow-up maniac.

4. Play the Long Game

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so the same thing applies to your business. Just as it takes time for a tree to develop its tap root, it takes a lot of time to put together a team that is fully productive. Keep this in mind. People overestimate what they can achieve in the short term but underestimate what they can get in the long term.  Think of the compounding interest effect.  Compound interest takes a time to snowball. Likewise, little successes need time to compound and multiply into big successes.

5. Expand People’s Vision

It might start with people’s pain points and hot buttons, but this is where it ends. Your primary job is to expand people’s vision of what is possible with your business or product. When you do that, your prospects will get excited. They will instantly recognize that no one else talks like that to them. It is at that point the chances of them joining goes through the roof.  Why? You got them excited about their future potential.  But more than this – you also demonstrated you are the leader they’ve been looking for.

6. Keep Doing the Basics

If you want to build an audience and generate leads online, you have to play the online game.
What’s that? Quality daily content on Facebook, at the least. Add to that some chat conversations each day, and you have a winning formula. You don’t need to pitch people, especially the first time you talk to them.
As I said, you have to play the long game. - banner final

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7 thoughts on “What My Mentors Taught Me”

  1. Hi Kim,
    Enjoyed this post as it took me back to my years in the financial services industry.
    Your point about expanding people’s vision touched on what one of my very first mentors taught me.
    As a former teacher with no previous sales experience, my first few months in the life insurance industry were “interesting” to say the least.
    I was petrified of making sales calls because I knew I did not have the product and industry knowlege to fall back on.
    All that changed practically overnight when the top salesperson in our company pulled me aside and told me something I have never forgotten.
    The mesage was forget being a product expert and approach every sales call simply with an attitude of how can I possibly help these folks -not what can I tell them or sell them.
    This simple message changed my entire approach and attitude to sales and marketing and removed forever my fear of sales.
    Awesome post Kim as always.
    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    • Hi Peter
      You are right. When we get the focus off products and plans, and more onto the real needs of our prospects, then our conversions will increase markedly. Everyone has a hot button than needs to be pressed. Let’s press those buttons and help people create a better tomorrow.
      Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your always thoughtful and valuable comments

  2. Hi Kim,
    Another great post. You are right that some mentors are really good and become good friends.
    This post is a great help for the beginners.
    Thanks for sharing.
    have a good day.

  3. Hi Joy
    The IM world is a crazy world. It’s always changing and it tends to attract charlatans and people with little or no integrity, or people who are so flaky and lazy that they have zero chance of making money.
    However, there is room for people like yourself. I tend not to jump from one thing to another. I take a more strategic approach. So, if I join a new program it is because I have sound strategic reasons for doing it. Often the best course of action is to hold firm; stay with one thing, develop a success pattern, then leverage it.
    Thanks for your valuable comment

  4. Hey Kim,
    The traditional mentor-mentee relationship consists of someone who has already made a splash in business helping someone who is just getting started. Mentors are experts in their fields, leaders in their communities or, in some cases, just general business gurus. Regardless of the category into which our mentor falls, he or she is poised to give us expert advice.
    When we look at a business problem, it’s easy to get bogged down in the personal, distracted by emotions or clouded with fear.When we take the same problem apart with a mentor by our side, we’re likely to come up with new ideas and innovative solutions. Mentors expand our viewpoint, helping us to see multiple perspectives on problems, and that can help guide toward a long standing solution that ultimately encourages our business to grow and succeed.
    When we are starting or in the midst of running a business, we have to deal with countless questions, and we often have to just dig in and trust your gut. A mentor can encourage this process. They can act as the champion we need in our corner, and that can be an invaluable contribution on our journey to success. One of the biggest benefits of a mentor relationship is that it’s completely free and risk-free. Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful thought with us.
    With best regards,
    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar,
      A good mentor is hard to find. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve had some terrific mentors and coaches who have helped me get to the next level.
      Not only can they act a champion they can also point out weaknesses or mistakes so we can quickly make the correction and move forward. They can also expand our vision of what is possible
      Thanks for dropping by


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