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The Fickle Finger of Fate and the Freaky Focus Formula.


The Fickle Finger of Fate and the Freaky Focus Formula

I was talking to someone the other day, and she brought up the topic of fate.  In her world outcomes are pre-determined, and there’s not much we can do about it.  She mentioned the F word many times – fate.  Fate is about accepting your lot in life and make the best of it.
I have a different view.  It’s quite simple.  Although we can’t predict the future, we can exercise some control over our tomorrows.
Are you in MLM  or affiliate marketing?  Your future results will be largely determined by what you are doing now. Fate has little or nothing to do with it.
Which brings me to one of the big success inputs.  If you get it right, your chances of success increase exponentially.
It’s about focus.
Most people have diffused focus – they’re all over the place like a drunken sailor.
One of my friends, Mark Newsome, says that concentrating on one thing at a time is imperative. And he is 100 per cent. This is especially true if you’re trying to make money from a home business. But the reality is that most of us lose focus sooner or later. Most people lose it way too early, and then they quit.
I admit that there have been plenty of times when I lost focus. At the time, I didn’t jump ship and promote something else. Sometimes I just went ‘walkabout’ for a few weeks.  I wasted weeks learning a new strategy that in reality was never going to work.
So why have I made money for ten years, while so many others haven’t? Part of the reason was because I maintained focus in the early stages.  It was a single-minded focus till I started making money. It’s kinda comforting to know that success in large part was due to the fact that I just hung in there long enough for results to flow.
There are so many traps for home biz folk. Sometimes it surprises me that I make any money – because, in one sense, I make money in spite of myself.  But despite my many foibles, being unfocused during the start-up phase of a project, is not one of them.
Anyway, here’s a quick video on the topic:

And here are five techniques I’ve used to keep me focused (during the crucial foundational stage) on any project I work on.

Five Ways To Be More Focused and Build a Better Home Business

1.) Remove All Clutter

I dare you – cut it out.   It’s based on the Prosperity Law of Vacuum and works like this:  If you remove unnecessary clutter from your life, miracles can happen.  Excessive clutter is one of the reasons people don’t fully commit to building their business.  Too many distractions cause a diminution of resolve and belief.  The solution? Create a space for the good you desire.
Clutter takes many forms:

  • Physical Clutter.  A house strewn with clutter has an effect on the way you think.  There is a link between one and the other.
  • Mental Clutter.  Hanging on to negative beliefs is a wealth killer.   These beliefs are just another example of clutter.  Trust me – they are scrambling your brain.  They represent a significant constraint on your ability to move forward.  Dig deep and identify your self-sabotaging behavior patterns.  The formula is this: name it, shame it, lose it.
  • Relationship Clutter.  You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.  Some of them may have a negative disposition.  So, lose them.  Or at the least cut right back on how much time you spend with them.  When you’ve created the vacuum fill it with better quality relationships.  As for your family, if you have a family member who is undermining you, try this.  Keep your thoughts and activities to yourself.  When you can prove to them that you’re winning, shout it from the rooftops.
  • Activities Clutter.  Possibly you are heavily involved in school or sporting activities.  Can you cut back a bit?  Or perhaps you love to go to concerts and the cinema.  Maybe you can stop for a year so you can focus on your business.  After all, when you quit the rat race, you’ll have much more time for those pleasant activities that put a smile on your dial.

So the message is clear – cut it out!

2.)  Have a Goal and Obsess About It

Having a goal is one thing, but becoming obsessed with it is something else.  You might think it’s unhealthy to obsess about your business. Well, I’ve got news for you.  Unless you have a ‘magnificent obsession’ your chances of success are slim to none.  This is particularly the case in the early stages of your business journey.  Even if you’re part time, during the periods when you work your business, the commitment has to be absolute; it has to be all consuming.

3.)   Get Quick Results, No Matter How Small

I was lucky.  I was trained by one of the best network marketers in the world.  His name is Larry Thompson, and his message was simple, ‘the story is all.’  It is imperative you get results fast.  You need a hot story that you can use to influence others to join your team. So when you get a good result, you can leverage it into a hot story.
An example.  In my first month as an online marketer, I made $AU9,200, part time.  That was my story – hot, eh?   I used that story to attract others and in my second month, my income almost doubled to $17,000.   Will your story be as good as mine?  I doubt it.  But here is what I’ve learned:
Even the smallest stories have power.   In fact, that first-month result only happened in the dying days of my first month.  So for the first three and a half weeks I hadn’t made a cent.  But I did have a story.  But it wasn’t about money – it was about leads.  I started getting leads (from ads) within two days.  I told prospects about it, who in turn got excited which gave them extra motivation to join me. See how even small stories can attract people?

4.)   Find Your Accountability Partner

Accountability is important but only if you already have a high degree of motivation.  I’ve had extensive experience in the mentoring and coaching arena.  I’ve also built a few sales teams.  Here is what I learned.  If I am working with someone who wants accountability, I take a good hard look at the person.  If he is not highly motivated, the project will be doomed.  A warning sign is when someone says ‘I want to have someone kick me in the ass when I start backsliding.’  When that happens, I usually run a mile.  They’re saying they are an undisciplined pain in the ass.  They need an outside force to make them whole.  Not a chance.
Still, if you are super motivated, an accountability partner can give you a significant edge.  It will bring out the best in you and keep you focused on moving forward. Relentlessly, like a tiger tracking a deer.

5.)   Have a DMO and Stick To It

Your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) is a potent way of staying on track.  Developing healthy habits is important, and your DMO  will help you do exactly that.  My DMO consists of a Google Docs spreadsheet listing the things I must do each day.  If I have appointments planned, or if other interruptions intrude, no problem.   I still have to perform the activities listed on the spreadsheet.  Try it. - banner final

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4 thoughts on “The Fickle Finger of Fate and the Freaky Focus Formula.”

  1. Hey Kim,
    I love the lifestyle that comes from running an online business. I get to work from home each day, set my own hours, choose my own projects, and enjoy abundant income. It’s hard for me to imagine how I’d feed myself without the Internet. When I think about income generation, I immediately think of the web.
    I talk to a successful entrepreneur recently who pointed out that building an online business is an exercise in personal development. I’ve probably learned more valuable life lessons from my entrepreneurial pursuits than from any other areas of my life. Running a business tests in so many ways our self-discipline, our intelligence, our communication skills, our focus, etc. If we’ve lacking in any of these areas, our business results will reflect it.The real world of business can be unforgiving.
    Success is rewarded. Mistakes are punished. The benefit is that it keeps you honest. We can’t settle for weakness, laziness, and bad ideas, or our business will fail. There’s a huge chasm between an idea that sounds good and an idea that actually gets implemented and succeeds under real-world conditions. Running an online business is deceptively simple. Eventually, thanks for sharing your thought with us.
    With best regards,
    Amar kumar

    • An excellent and perceptive comment, Amar.
      You and your colleague are right. It IS an exercise in personal development. It stretches us, tests us and challenges us. Is it worth it Absolutely!
      You are also right about the implementation of an idea. Anyone can come up with an idea, but few possess the skills and persistence to follow it through till it becomes a reality.
      Thanks again,

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