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6 Deadly Sins of Twitter Marketing

deadly sins of twitter marketing to get leads

What Are the Deadly Sins of Twitter Marketing to Get Leads?

A lot of people say they can;t generate leads from Twitter
I can empathize. Although I opened my Twitter account many years ago, after 12 months of purposeful activity, I walked away.  My results were abysmal. So for the next five years, my Twitter account was entirely dormant.  I rarely logged in, and if anyone asked me about Twitter for leads, I’d have a 5-minute rant about how useless it was.
Fast forward to late last year, and I started to change my tune.  I heard a guy talking about his experiences.  Importantly he showed me how he was doing it.  So I mused on what I’d learnt for a while, then eventually decided to get back into the game once more.
After implementing his strategy, I started to get some engagement and above all, some leads.  Not a huge flow but enough to give me encouragement.
In May of this year, I introduced another strategy into the Twitter mix – direct messaging of new followers.
This change made a big difference.  I started to get daily leads.  But not just any old leads.  These leads were qualified and warm.  Some of them became customers, which sure as heck put a smile on my dial.
So what were the exact steps I used to turn things around?
Well, I teach them in my Facebook Master Class group.  Take a look (if it’s closed, put your name down for the next one)
In the meantime here is a short video called:
Deadly Sins of Twitter Marketing to Get Leads?
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10 thoughts on “6 Deadly Sins of Twitter Marketing”

  1. Hi Kim,
    Twitter is now one of the best used social networking sites after Facebook but I was not knowing the things of twitter. But then I started using it on the daily basis.
    So, thanks for sharing this amazing post.
    Have a great day.

  2. Hey Kim,
    Our Twitter profile is crucial to legitimizing our real-life existence. When we follow someone on Twitter they’re trying to figure out if we’re human, interesting, and worth the follow back. The key to social media content is to show, not tell. Audiences prefer engaging with visual content over text any day we need to follow tweets with image links to get an engagement rate. Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful thought with us.
    With best wishes,
    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar, although there will always be a place for text only content it is true the images have more impact on platforms like Twitter. I think we should strike a balance between text and pics. Thanks for your comment

  3. Hi Kim,
    I was not aware of many things about this most popular micro blogging site Twitter. But from last few weeks I am learning a lot about it.
    There is no doubt that I am getting huge amount of traffic from traffic everyday, but it is more important to engage readers with your content.
    Thank you for sharing about these mistakes. I have also checked the youtube video.
    Keep sharing more helpful content.

  4. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for writing an article highlighting the importance of Twitter. Even i had done the same mistake. I think I have to revamp my twitter account. I created it long back and left it.


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