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How To Make Your Facebook Wall Sizzle


The Bedrock of Your Organic Facebook Lead Strategy – Your FB Wall

So who wants to generate leads from Facebook for free?
Sweet!  Let’s get started
But before I share some tips, let me tell you a little about my social media journey……..

From Facebook Hater To a Raving Fan

I’ve had a Facebook account for more than six years.  But you know something?  I despised Facebook.  It was a time waster and a pain in the ass.  Sure I got a few leads here and there, but the return on time investment was woeful.
So I kept my focus on other strategies including blogging, video marketing, and ads.
I’d like to tell you that I had an epiphany and everything changed instantly.
But the reality is that change for me was more of a slow burn.  But there were some turning points.  The first came when I did an analysis of my sales over the last few years.  More than 50 percent of them came from what we might call ‘warm sources,’ such as from my blogs and YouTube.
So I got to thinking.  If the easiest sales came from warm organic sources, what more can I do to build my warm audience?  It was obvious.  It had to be social media.  That realization produced a decision.  I would no longer run paid ads.  That was in May 2015, and true to my word I have not spent a cent on ads since.
Having made the decision, I was forced to make the social media thing work.  I started with Twitter and rejigged everything there.  Lo and behold I got some leads.  By May of this year, I cast my thinking to Facebook.  I thought if I can make a difficult platform like Twitter work, surely I can do the same thing for Facebook.  It was at that time that my new Facebook strategy was born.
Since then I have had a magic carpet ride.  Every month gets better as I grow my audience, my tribe – and my leads and sales.
So here are some key points about social media marketing in general and Facebook marketing specifically.  Take a look:

1. Content Is Your Marketing Core

It’s about content – content rules the roost on social media platforms.  Understanding that, it makes total sense to get your content to a level that makes people sit up and take notice.
If you’re an online marketer, you should embrace content marketing.  The Internet is essentially a large content platform.  So if you don’t yet see yourself as a content marketer, get over it.  The time to become one is now.
Good content can inform, inspire, motivate, entertain and persuade.  Understanding how powerful it is, I want to convince you to get on the content bandwagon so you can build a business with substance and sustainability.

2. Find the Balance Between Promotional Content and Value Driven Content

Not long ago I established a community on Facebook called Simple Online Success.  It’s a good free way for newbies to learn simple social media strategies, especially, Facebook.  One of the training videos in that Facebook group discusses the three types of content:

  • Value Added Content.  Wise/motivational quotes, motivational pics, helpful business oriented posts, helpful tips, etc
  • Social Content.  Share content about family and friends,  lifestyle posts, funny posts
  • Promotional Content.  Promote your business.

Promotional posts should be non-hypey (in the main).

3. A Well-Executed Content Strategy Will Establish You As An Authority

Do you want to be the go-to person in your niche?  Well, get with it – do whatever you need to do to boost your authority.  That’s why you must include some business oriented posts on your Facebook wall.  When you do, people will sit up and take notice. Keep this in mind – the more authority you have, the easier it will be to generate leads and convert them into sales.
Many of my students hesitate when they’re faced with the prospect of creating business-oriented text-based posts.  They don’t ‘see’ themselves as authorities, experts or successful marketers.  But the point is that you don’t have to fake it till you make it.  It’s quite ok to create a paragraph or two of text about marketing tips you learned while watching a training video.  So the message is clear.  In the early stages see yourself more as a messenger rather than a guru.

4. Quality Leads Can Flow From Your Best Text-Based Promotional Posts

If anyone tells you that text-based promotional posts don’t work, look them in the eye and laugh at them.  They do work – I’ll typically get five to ten leads from one of my text-based promotional posts.  And others within my orbit are getting similar results too.  So, ignore the naysayers.  Here is an example of a text-based post I regularly use – it always produces leads.
By the way, a simple post like this produced 15 leads the first time I ran it.  Although response dropped a bit when I posted it subsequently,  it still worked well.  And of course, it only takes a minute to grab it from my archives and publish it.  Too easy.

5. Where Should You Post Your Content?

Before the penny dropped, I was posting on my fan page and getting minimal engagement.  When I switched to posting on my personal profile wall, engagement shot up markedly.  So that’s the place where you need to be spending your time.
Some people hesitate to promote their business on their personal profile – they think their real friends won’t like it.  But if you strike a balance between value-driven content, social content,  and promotional content, you shouldn’t have any problems.

6. Why You Should Start With Text- Based Content

Other than video content, text-based content carries a lot of cache for the social media marketer.  Many people are nervous about facing a camera so writing some copy is often easier than video.  The right kind of text based post will send signals to your audience that you are a person worth talking to (and even doing business with).  But it needs to be consistent.  I post business-oriented text posts every day on Facebook.
NOTE: The preceding doesn’t mean that I ignore video in my posting strategy.  I love creating video content, and I use it regularly.  But the core of my content strategy is still text.

Simple Online Success – The Facebook Community

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But more than this.
You will also be joining a community of more than 500 people who are traveling the same pathway as you.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Facebook Wall Sizzle”

  1. Kim,
    I enjoyed reading your post. Excellent information with great value. One of the points I especially enjoyed is how clearly you pointed out the need for balance. Social media is first of all social so, when we use it for business, it should be done carefully. We all want to experience the kind of results you have and become raving fans of social media, rather than viewing it as an annoyance. Thank you!

    • Hi Yvonne,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, balance is key. Rather than turning our FB wall into an advertising billboard, we need to play the long game. We do this by resisting the temptation to chase short-term gain (but possibly long-term pain). It’s about building authority and credibility, and playing the long game.
      Thanks again, Yvonne

  2. This was probably the most informational and well written post I’ve ever read. I am 10 days new to this Affiliate Marketing side hustle of mine, and I really appreciate you dropping that bomb on me for free. Can’t wait to read the rest of your content!


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