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5 Ways to Create Great Posts For Your Facebook Wall


5 Ways to Create Great Posts For Your Facebook Wall

In my last post, I shared a core strategy that revolves around your Facebook ‘wall’.  On that post – How To Make Your Facebook Wall Sizzle –  I discussed the main reasons why you should use Facebook in your marketing.  I then mapped out the key steps to prepare your business for plenty of leads and sales from Facebook.
I also made the point that the strategy gives priority to your personal profile.  As you probably know, many people think that the way to go is to use a business (or fan) page.  This strategy works fine if you plan to run Facebook ads (you need a business page if you want to run ads). But if you’re wanting to generate leads organically on Facebook, your personal profile is the best way to do it.
I also discussed the virtues of text-based posts. Some people think that text is dead.  After all, when it comes to social media we often see an avalanche of video and image-based content.  This is the age of the quick hit and the instant fix, which seems to ‘prove’ that highly visual content is the way to go.
But the reality is somewhat different.  Plenty of people still read text-based content.  In fact many prefer it.  For longer articles, people can quickly scan it and get the flavor of it.  If they like it, they will read the article it in its entirety.   Compare this to a video post.  The viewer needs to watch all of the video to determine its value.
Now don’t get me wrong.  I use video too, but my bedrock is text.  So I strike a balance between value based text value posts and promotional posts.  A promotional post is one that has been created for the express purpose of producing leads and sales.

 1. Start By Borrowing Other People’s Short Posts, and Rewrite Them

Notice I said borrow and not steal?  Perhaps the word ‘borrow’ is wrong, but the point is that you can rewrite someone else’s content and make it your own.  But make sure it is a complete rewrite. Anything less is theft.
In reality, you are taking someone else’s post idea and creating a version for yourself.
When you are reviewing other people’s posts, make sure you look for ideas that are ‘on topic’.  In other words, you need to ensure that the content hits the spot for your target market.
If you are not sure about your target market, perhaps you should spend some time studying it.  This is critical.  I suggest you identify the pain points and hot buttons of your ideal customer.  Once you have total clarity about that, you can adjust your search for content ideas.  The point is that you should only select content ideas that are aligned with the needs, wants, and pain points of your target market.
When you create content you want readers to feel you are talking directly and personally to them.

2. Short Slice Of Life Stories Work Well

Even personal stories work.  If you can link them to a business point at the end, even better.  For instance, if you recently had a pleasant shopping experience you could write about it.  Let’s say that the checkout chick had a great customer focused attitude. You could relate it back to a theme about customers and how the right mindset is the key to building any business.
Sometimes even simple and seemingly inconsequential stories can be turned into a content idea.  The trick is to relate it back to a business point, or even a sales offer.   This is not always easy to do but keep in mind that each post you write should be like a parable or a mini lesson. People love to learn.  So if you can somehow link your slice of life story to a business or marketing lesson, all to the good.  But when you do it, the linkage to your business point should seem natural, seamless.

3. Initially, Keep the Post Length To 1 – 4 Paragraphs

Until you become expert at creating content, keep your Facebook text-based posts short.  Less than 100 words is good.  You may get to the point where you can create well-written posts that engage the audience.  When it happens you can experiment with writing longer posts.
One consideration could be to create longer posts as Facebook Notes.  The advantage of this method is that Google may pick up the post and display it in SERPS, thereby giving you more traffic and potentially more leads.  Always include a link when you use the Notes facility.  The other advantage is that you have more formatting options (bold, italics, code embed etc), thereby giving your longer posts more visual appeal.   This works great if they have an intense interest in the topic.  When it happens they are much more likely to read a longer post on the topic.

4. As Your Confidence Builds, Share Your Success Stories

Celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Here are a couple of examples:

  • You generated three leads yesterday.  Shout about it.
  • You have increased your wall engagement in recent times.  Shout about it.

People take note of these success stories and will mark you up in their estimation.  This is an important tactic because it will help build your authority on Facebook, and generate more leads.  A double win for you.
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5. Employ (Copywriters) Tricks of the Trade

Here are some techniques that have worked well for me:

  • Use Headlines and Sub-Heads.  Headlines and subheadings attract attention and entice the reader to read the body copy.
  • Break Up the Text.  Take a look at this post to see how it’s done.  Keep your paragraphs and sentences short.
  • Use Bullet Points and Other Devices.  Bullet points and numbered lists help.  Also, consider using indents.
  • Cull All Non-Essential Words.  Be ruthless!  Don’t indulge yourself – strip out words that add nothing to the article.
  • Let the Article ‘Breathe’.  Just as a wine drinker sometimes lets a bottle of red wine sit before drinking it, you should use the same approach when creating a quality piece of text.  Set it aside for an hour and take another look.  You may be surprised by what you see!

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