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Clutter Buster: How to Eradicate Clutter and Focus Like a Laser Beam

clutter buster

Create a Space For the Good You Desire

So you’re having problems building your home business.  Perhaps it’s because you lack focus.  One of the principal causes for lack of focus is a lack of belief.  When you lack belief, the tendency is to avoid doing the work to make things happen.
Irrespective of the cause, one thing is clear.  Most people have way too much clutter in their lives.  To put it bluntly, clutter is a bitch. It messes with your ability to get things done.  It scrambles your brain and causes lots of stress.  And yeah, it dilutes focus big time.

Lack Of Focus Is The Main Issue For Most Marketers

Without focus you have nothing.  It is impossible to achieve a good result if you can’t concentrate on the task at hand for an extended period.
So, how do you become more focused?  Eliminate all clutter.  Before we look at the best ways to do it, let’s look at the different types of clutter that can get you off track.

Examples of Clutter – Eleven Ways to Waste Time and Sabotage Yourself 

Before you can fix a problem you must determine what the underlying problem is.  Take a look at these time sucks and see if any of them resonate with you:

1. Wasting Time On Social Media

A blessing and a curse.  That’s how I describe social media.  Let’s face it.  It’s easy to waste hours a day chatting with friends and family without achieving much.  Social media can be a time waster so you must  discipline yourself.  Do what it takes so you don’t get sucked into the social media vortex. An associated point is that some people are with too many social media platforms.  So they spend their days flitting from one to another, not achieving much.

2. Frequently Checking Emails

How many times a day do you need to check your emails?  For most people, once or twice is fine.  Anything more is probably a waste of time.

3. Computer Games

I’ve never played a computer game in my life, and don’t intend to start.   But I know there are plenty of people who love them.  One thing is sure – for every hour spent on a game is an hour denied for your home business.

4. Wasting Time On Courses That Are Above Your Pay Grade

Online marketers are often like kids in a candy shop.  They gorge themselves on every available course and training program.  They think that more is better.  They MUST know everything before they buckle down and do the work.    But this behavior radically slows down your progress.  And it will confuse the living daylights out of you.  Not to mention the fact that some courses can be very expensive.  They will drain your wallet quicker than you can say ‘sign me up.’

5. Too Many Money Making Programs

Along with the explosion of online usage has come an explosion of money making programs.  Back in the ‘old days,’ it was simpler.  Maybe there were a hundred MLM programs on offer.  But now – gosh – there are tens of thousands of business opportunities and money making programs on offer.

6. Always In Study Mode, Rarely In Action Mode

This person may not be spending lots of money on courses etc.  But one thing is sure – he always seems to be in continuous study mode.  Sometimes I think these people are trying to avoid getting their hands dirty.  And being accountable for their results.

7. Wasting Time on Blogs, SEO, Facebook Ads

Sure, I’ve got a blog.  But here’s the thing.  I didn’t have one till I had already made hundreds of thousands of dollars online.  A blog can be an excellent way to build your credibility.  You may even generate a few leads too.  But they can be time consuming in the early stages. Meanwhile, you still have to pay the bills.  I suggest that most newbie marketers should avoid a blog until they’ve got some runs on the board.  That is, they need to focus making money first.

8. Busywork

Busywork is about spending time on nonsense activities you think are important.  Of course, they’re not important.  All they do is give you comfort that you’re doing ‘something’ even if it doesn’t generate a cent of income.

9. Too Many Offline Involvements Including Social Activities

Are you a social beast?  And are you connecting with new people every day and turning some of them into leads? No? Perhaps you should take a slash and burn approach to your social calendar.  The way I look at it is simple: pay a price now for a better tomorrow.  In other words, it’s ok to cut back for a year.  It won’t be the end of the world.  And of course, you can resume your social activities when you’ve kicked some big goals.

10. Negative Comments From Family and Friends

Many people are more concerned with what people think about them than buckling down and doing the work to build their business.  It’s sad.

11. Defence Posturing

Failing marketers do this a lot.  ‘It’s not my fault’. ‘My cat died’.  Whatever it is, defense posturing is a dangerous place to be.  So get yourself out of it, and move into outreach mode immediately.

How To Bust the Clutter  – Once and For All

Recently, I wrote a post called The Fickle Finger of Fate and the Freaky Focus Formula.  On that post, I featured 5 ways to demolish clutter in your life.  Here is an extract:

Clutter Takes Many Forms:

  • Physical Clutter.  A house or apartment that is strewn with clutter, has an effect on the way you think.  Same comments apply to your office or even your car.  There is a link between one and the other.
  • Mental Clutter.  Hanging on to negative beliefs is a wealth killer.   These beliefs are just another example of clutter.  Trust me – they are scrambling your brain.  They represent a significant constraint on your ability to move forward.  Dig deep and identify your self-sabotaging behavior patterns.  The formula is this: name it, shame it, lose it.
  • Relationship Clutter.  You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.  Some of them may have a negative disposition.  So, lose them.  Or at least cut back on how much time you spend with them.  When you’ve created the vacuum fill it with better quality relationships.  As for your family, if you have a family member who is undermining you, try this.  Keep your thoughts and activities to yourself.  When you can prove to them that you’re making money, shout it from the rooftops.
  • Activities Clutter.  Possibly you are heavily involved in school or sporting activities.  Can you cut back a bit?  Or perhaps you love to go to concerts and the cinema.  Maybe you can stop for a year so you can focus on your business.  After all, when you quit the rat race, you’ll have much more time for those pleasant activities that put a smile on your dial.  Of course, you may experience resistance from your partner or someone else.  The best way to overcome it is to enroll them in your vision.  In other words, sell them on the benefits of making a short-term sacrifice.

So the message is clear – cut it out!

Make a List

So, create a list of regular activities that are preventing you from being free.   Pull out a sheet of paper and divide it into four categories – Things (mental clutter), Thoughts (mental clutter), People (relationship clutter) and Events (activities clutter).  Under each heading write down your  ‘time monsters’.  You may shock yourself!

Find Your Accountability Partner

You might consider linking up with someone to help you keep your clutter busting/focus boosting program on track.  Accountability is important but only if you already have a high degree of motivation.
Still, if you are super motivated, an accountability partner can give you a significant edge.  It will bring out the best in you and keep you focused on moving forward. Relentlessly, like a tiger tracking a deer.

Commit To Eradicating All Clutter, Starting Today 

It can be painful to cut clutter because it’s sometimes hard to let go of bad habits.  But you must take a stand.  So go ahead and remove non-essential activities, and self-sabotaging thoughts from your life.  Once and for all.
I like this mantra: ‘create a space for the good you desire’.  Yes, create the space.  Do it and watch your life change for the better.  But I want to add a caveat.  Make sure you fill the newly created space with something of higher value than what you had before.

Go ‘Cold Turkey’ – Create the Vacuum Today

There is no perfect time to take radical surgery, so you may as well do it now.   There is no better time than the present to create the space so you can then fill it with lots of good stuff.
Good luck! - banner final

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6 thoughts on “Clutter Buster: How to Eradicate Clutter and Focus Like a Laser Beam”

  1. Excellent information, Kim.
    The toughest areas for me to de-clutter are my social circle and the volunteer activities I was involved in before I got into online marketing.
    Because I’m embarrassed, I haven’t been clear with my friends about my financial situation and how important it is for me to make money.
    Also, because I don’t commute to a job, it looks to them as if I’m at home. I know that some of them regard me as a lady of leisure.
    Finding support to offset the other factors is huge. I believe the value of an accountability partner cannot be overstated.
    The bottom line is that, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    • This is a really important point, Judy. People tend NOT to respect our time when we work at home. So we have to create boundaries and jealously guard our time. It is vital we do this – otherwise key productive time will be wasted every day
      Thanks for dropping by

  2. Hello Kim nice article for a fresh start in 2017,
    Most people fall in the clutter of digital technology, One good example is the virtual reality “Totally free about whats happeing around one”. Social media is another platform. Yes it has its pros, an amazing platform to network, learn and progress. Cons – Can chat with strangers for hours and fail to start a conversation with the person sitting next to us. The list can keep going, Prioritizing what’s important for you and framing actionable plan plays an important role in deciding the end success.

    • Hi Nishant, you make some good points! I like the one about spending hours chatting to strangers on social media platforms etc, yet ignoring the person sitting next to us. We’re living in a crazy world.
      Thanks Nishant

  3. Excellent points, Kim. I especially liked the one about Wasting Time on Courses That Are Above Your Pay Grade. When I first started online in 2008, and way before I hired a mentor, I wasted so much money on courses that were way above my head. Remember one trainer telling us to copy his Landing Page and I diligently tried to do that (on my own) but had no clue how to get it from my computer to the online world. I had no idea what FTP was.
    Still see it happening. Had a client who spent thousands attending a top marketer’s events more than once but was clueless about building an online business, which was why she worked with me.
    Personally, I’m getting better with reducing the # of times I go in and check email. Thanks for the pointers and reminders.

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for your valuable comment.
      Your personal experience (love the ftp story!) demonstrates once again why it’s important to get guidance from an experienced person, when starting out. Having a coach or a mentor is the best way to do it.
      Thanks again, Yvonne


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