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Organic Facebook Lead Generation Strategies

7 Ways to Build Your Audience and Generate More Home Business Leads On Facebook

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Ok, so you want to generate warm juicy leads from Facebook.  How do you do it?  Well, it starts with engagement, but before you engage with people, make sure you’ve got the basics working in your favor.  So for this post, I’ve included seven tips that will help you create the right environment on Facebook.


Tip 1.  Be A Friend

Seems obvious, eh?  If you want to succeed wth social media you need to be, well, sociable.  So why is it that many marketers are anything but sociable?  Look at what they do.  They pitch, they spam, they take little or no interest in you and your needs.  All they care about is the quick hit, the quick fix – gotta make a sale TODAY.  But social media doesn’t work like that.  It’s about relationships pure and simple.  And to build good strong relationships you have to do one thing, and do it well – be a friend.  Watch my video for more insights:

Tip 2.   Use Your Personal Profile

A lot of people still don’t ‘get’ this.  Perhaps it’s because they’ve been brainwashed by the goo-roos that you MUST have a Facebook business page.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A Facebook page is not mandatory.  Sure, there can be some benefits but most of those benefits flow from paid ads.  So, if you don’t plan to run ads, the cost and time involved to create and manage a Facebook page may not be worth it.
My approach is quite simple.  You work with your personal profile because you get more engagement there.  Simple as that.

Tip 3.  Get Your Wall Buzzing

Your goal should be to turn your Facebook Wall into a showcase for you.  When that happens it will be easier to chat with prospects about your business or product.  Most people will check out your wall, and if it looks good, they will be more receptive and easier to convert into customers and members.  How do you get your wall buzzing?  Good question – some ideas:

  • Post Daily.  Grind it out. If you’re in the social media game regular posting is mandatory.  So, build it into your daily routine.  You should aim to post at least three times a day.
  • Mix Up Your Posts.  Include social and value driven business content.
  • Respond to All Comments.  Thank each commenter and if appropriate add something extra to your comment.
  • Send Commenters a Personal Message.  When I got started, I not only sent commenters a personal message but I also did to people who shared and liked my posts.
  • Comment On Friends  Posts.  When you leave a comment on other people’s walls, your posts are more likely to display in their newsfeed., thereby enticing them to visit your wall again.
  • Post On Friends Walls.  Say something nice about your friend.  You may find they’ll return the favor.

Tip 4.  Use Text- Based Posts

If I had to choose between text, pic, and video I would prefer text posts, even though video content has become much more popular in recent years.  Don’t be seduced into thinking that text is somehow now the poor cousin of video.  Text has a crucial part to play.  People can scan text and determine if it’s the right thing for them, whereas video requires the viewer to view most of the video to see if it’s it was worth their time.
Don’t get me wrong I am a big user of video, but I still regard text-based content as my core.

Tip 5.  Engage With the Folks

In the world of social media engagement is the name of the game.  No engagement = no leads or income.  With that thought in mind,  I recorded a short ‘street walk’ video where I discuss this vital topic:

Tip 6. Open Your Friggin’ Wall

A small but important tip.  If you prevent your friends from posting on your, wall you lose an important authority building option.  If they can’t post, they can;t say nice things about you.  What a shame.  When you start to get a few friends posting on your, wall it helps to add life to your wall.  It also sends a signal to visitors that you are a popular person, someone to take notice of.

Tip 7.  Make Your Friends Smile 

Well, yeah.  Social media is a social platform after all.  When someone logs into Facebook, they’re looking to connect with their buddies.  They also want to be entertained.  So, if you can put a smile on the faces of your followers, you should do it.  Watch my ‘street walk’ video more insights:

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2 thoughts on “Organic Facebook Lead Generation Strategies”

  1. Hey Kim,
    You have shared very informative videos regarding this subject. I totally agree with your tips. A marketer’s Facebook lead generation plan is most likely part of a larger lead generation strategy for the entire organization.
    It’s important to develop a Facebook lead generation plan that includes – key organizational goals and objectives, the organization’s target audience and content that will keep the organization’s social community engaged.
    With constantly changing algorithms, it’s increasingly difficult to get organic traffic and the resulting leads through your Facebook page. Eventually, thanks for sharing your healthy experience with us.
    With best regards,
    Amar kumar

    • Yes, it is quite hard to get the search engines to rank content. For the home business marketer, Facebook works very well. They don;t even need a business page – they promote via their personal profile
      thanks Amar


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