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6 Principles For Network Marketers In The Online Age

Out With the Old – The New Way to Build a Network Marketing Business Online (Or Even Offline)

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A lot of people have tried to build a network marketing business online.  But here is the problem.  Online strategies are often complicated and – believe it or not – slow.  Success loves speed, especially in the network market world, which relies on fast duplication.  Without it, teams quickly whither and die.
So how can we overcome the problem?  How can you leverage the internet and build fast and solid?  Well, I recently recorded a 5 part video series where I discuss the issues and offer some suggestions and results.  Here is a quick summary.

1. Cold Traffic Versus Warm Audience

In the offline world, cold traffic is about running ads in print media, cold calling people from the phone book, hustling people in shopping centers, etc.  In the online world, it’s about buying solo ads, data mining for leads and pitching them (email, phone, or both).  Speaking of pitching, you can do it on Facebook and Twitter.  On it goes.
I’ve tried most of these methods over many years, and here’s what I found:
Cold methods are tougher than warm.
Looking back over the last ten years I discovered a pattern.  The best and easiest sales came from my warm market.  Examples of hot market sources included:

  • Existing Contacts
  • Offline Networking Contacts
  • Social Media Contacts
  • Leads From Blog
  • Leads from YouTube
  • Leads From Referral Sources
  • Leads From Beng An Elite Marketer

Look at the list – all warm, right?

2. Approaching Family and Friends Versus People Approach You

Refer to the above list, and I have something else to tell you.  Most of-of the leads produced from the above sources came to me.  Yes, they approached me!  A pleasant change for sure.    I call it pull marketing which is a refreshing change to the typical push marketing methods promoted by various marketing teams in the direct sales and network marketing industries.
Rather than you always approaching people you can use effective online strategies so that people approach you.  You become the hunted.
Anyway, I’ve produced a short video on this topic.  So, watch my video as I walk through the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia:

3. Spend Money On Ads Versus Free Organic Methods

I’ve certainly spent money on ads.  I’ve used Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook Ads, local newspaper ads, online job boards, magazine ads, banner ads, and solo ads.  I’ve also bought thousands of leads from lead vendor companies and then called the leads.  But in May 2015, I made a decision.  I decided I would stop all forms of paid promotional methods.  While it was tough at first, I feel vindicated now.  Because now I have a fully fledged organic traffic and lead generation strategy, which produces daily leads.  My primary leads sources now are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my blog, and my YouTube channel.
The thing I like about organic is that the quality and the interest levels of the leads is higher than it is from leads produced from cold methods.  Some so-called goo-roos say that you can scale organic strategies.  My response – so what?  If you make real money from one quality person to your team, and you add several each week, what’s the problem?  One of the programs I promote pays me as much as $14,200 a sale.  So why would I care about scalability when I can make that sort of money from one person?
The other point is that the aggressive paid strategies promoted by said goo-roos are risky.  For instance, a novice running ads on Facebook is going to spend a bunch of money before he makes his first dollar.  The other risk is that he will get shut down by the FB  cops.  It happens all the time.  I should know because it happened to me.
Does the preceding mean I won’t go back tp paid traffic methods?  NO.  I will return, but this time I’ll be doing it on the back of a rock solid organic traffic foundation.  Makes sense, eh?

4. Complicated Versus Simple

No matter what type of marketer you are, simple is usually best.  This is especially true if you’re a network marketing team builder.  The issue isn’t that you can implement a particular strategy.  The only issue is: will it duplicate.  The online world is particularly challenging in this respect.  Many of the strategies are complex and by definition do not duplicate.  So therefore if you’re a died in the wool network marketer,  the following strategies should be avoided:

  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter ADS
  • YouTube Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Page Building
  • Funnel Building
  • Autoresponder systems and email marketing

Phew!  A big list.  After reading the list you might be wondering why I use a blog and have YouTube channels etc.  The answer is simple.  I am not a traditional network marketer.  Fast duplication is not essential for me.  I make my money when someone buys an initial package.  But pure MLM or network marketing models are entirely different.  You HAVE to get a lot of duplication happening fast.  This is because poor commissions are usually paid when someone joins your team.  Therefore, to make money, you must get a lot of duplication happening.  And the quicker, the better

5. Slow Results Versus Money in a Month  

You can amble along like a slow-moving sloth (aren’t they all?), or you can do what I did.  Promote big ticket products right from the get go.  Did it pay off?  Sure did – I quit the rat race after just 55 days.   Watch my video as I talk about this point while walking through the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia:

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