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This One Change Trebled My Income

About to Quit – White Knight Saved My Bacon

Way back when Adam was a boy, I was a young guy trying to make a buck in the insurance industry. I was a self-employed salesman and was just 19 years old.
The first year was ok. I made $50,000 (in inflation-adjusted terms). Not bad for a clueless neophyte. Year 2 was tougher, and my income dropped to $40,000. By the end of that year, I was running on empty. If I didn’t make a change, I’d be lucky to make $20k in year 3. Frankly, I was thinking of quitting and getting a real job. Yikes!
And then he appeared. My white knight in shining armor. Robert had transferred to my Division from another company. He was older than me, and more worldly too. Anyway, within a couple of months, he was crushing it. I was in awe.
As luck would have it, Robert befriended me. Maybe he felt sorry for me. Or maybe he saw some potential, even though I was rough around the edges.
So he made me an offer I didn’t refuse.
He would mentor me for three months. That was the good news. The bad? I would split ALL my commissions 50/50 for the entire year. Do you get it? After the mentoring period ended (3 months), I would continue to pay him half of everything I earned for the remaining nine months.
The Result? Twelve months later my gross commissions were $82,000. After paying Robert his 5 percent share, I was slightly better off than the previous year – I kept $41,000.
But there’s more. The next year (year four) my income jumped to $140,000. And I kept it all! Fancy that. Me, a wet behind the ears 23-year-old earning more than my mates.
When I tell people this story, I always end with a question – ‘would you do the same thing?’ Most say yes. But here is the reality. Most people wouldn’t have the guts to do what I did.
How do I know? Robert offered the same deal to four others, and they all turned him down. But not me – I jumped at it.
The lessons for you.

1. Grab Help When It’s Offered (even if it costs an arm and a leg).

But make sure it’s offered by someone who has the runs on the board. I wanted to work with Robert because he was already successful; I knew he would teach me a lot.

2. Magic Happens When You Work With a Winner.

If you work with someone who has an excellent track record, you have the potential to quantum leap your results. This is on the proviso that you zealously implement what you learn.

3. You Always Pay the Price.

Whether you embrace opportunities or reject them, you always pay the price. By doing nothing, the price is foregone professional and personal growth. To be sure lack of courage always costs.

4. Give Up Something Today So You Can Have More Tomorrow.

I gave up half of my earnings for an entire year. But that experience was pivotal for me. It gave me a foundation that I parlayed into much greater success in the years since.

5. Working With Someone Is Different To Watching Videos and Doing Courses.

This is HUGE. My biggest advances came from working one on one (or in small groups) with mentors. Online courses are great, but when you work with someone you respect, extraordinary things can happen.

A Final Dose of Reality

Most people are full of hot air. Blowhards who waste too much time protecting their fragile egos. You can’t bank ego. So get real and embrace the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know.
Find your white knight today.

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