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How to Create Money Out of Thin Air

Three Entrepreneurs With An Idea and How They Brought It To the Marketplace

Making money starts with an idea.  The spark of an idea is all you need.  From there comes the detail which ultimately might manifest into a game plan.  In a sense, you’re creating money out of thin air.  This assumes, of course, that your idea has merit and converts into income down the track.
So I’ve got three stories for you today.  Three stories, each quite different, yet all have a common theme.  What is it? Passion and true grit.  Each of these entrepreneurs had plenty of passion for their project.  But they were also gutsy people.  Anyone can come up with an idea.  But it takes major levels of courage and persistence to bring it to the marketplace.
I remember reading  a book by Joe Gandolfo – Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen (But the man who puts them into practice is priceless)
Joe was a genius life insurance man who broke the world record for annual sales – he sold a billion dollars worth in a single year.  So when I saw this book in the local bookshop I grabbed it.  It was a small book with simple concepts. And the main concept he kept returning to was this – take massive action on your ideas.  Ideas are everywhere but without aggressive follow through, well, they’re meaningless and of no value.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these stories.  Read on……..

STORY #1. Health Food Junkie Accumulated 100,000 Instagram Followers and Made $100,000 In Her First Year

Mariana FatacciolMariana Fatacciol is a gal with a passion for a healthy lifestyle who decided to turn her passion into money. Pure and simple.
She has a blog, but the real action happened when she used Instagram to build a following of 100,000 in just the first six months! Now, her following at Healthy Kitchen stands at more than 408,000.
As a novice – and like a lot of novices – she did all of the work herself. She says now that if she had her time over again, she would outsource most of the work.
Her basic strategy has been to build audiences (her tribes) on social media platforms. In particular, she used Instagram for this project. When new IG followers want to check her out, they visit her blog and buy her products.
How did she build such a big following on IG? Many of her followers started tagging their friends (her images often show delicious, healthy dishes). She also had a well thought out system of using hashtags.
Another technique was to share other people’s posts which in turn helped create an active IG community. Reciprocation followed.
Lest you think this is the end of the story, like most serial entrepreneurs, she has leveraged what she learned about social media into a brand new income stream. Now, she helps brands make a killing on Facebook.
A lot of entrepreneurs do this.  One income producing activity generates new understandings and skills, which are then leveraged into new income producing activities. Think of it as stepping stones.

STORY #2.  Origami Paper Folder Now Folding Money

Today I saw an interview with an interesting guy (on TV). He quit his job so he could run his thriving online business full time. What’s his business? He is a professional paper folder! It’s called Origami, and he creates shapes out of paper. Who would have thought that someone could create a huge following (109,000 on Instagram) in less than a year, by folding paper?
Since then he’s built his business showing others how to do the same thing. He also consults with companies and helps them create paper-based corporate art.
Here is a classic example of someone who leveraged a hobby into a full-time income stream. From small acorns, big trees can grow.
During his journey, he often experienced self-doubt. ‘Am I stupid?’ ‘Who is going to pay me for folding paper?’ But he overcame his doubts and pressed on regardless. Now he is a ‘free’ man and has changed the course of his life. Such a simple idea, eh?

STORY #3.  From Food Stamps To Making Up To $75,000 a Month (Teaching People How To Mix and Produce Music Online)

Graham Cochrane is a musician who turned his hand to teaching home players the finer points of recording and producing ‘radio ready’ recordings.
Graham stumbled across this opportunity when musician friends kept asking him about equipment and mixing and recording techniques.
Looking at his site – The Recording Revolution – you can readily see his products feature a ‘make money’ pitch. So not only do his courses help artists with the technical aspects of mixing and recording, they also show them how to turn their music into income and opportunities for well-paying gigs.
Powerful statement: “Don’t self-promote – be helpful instead.” This is key. He said he tried aggressively promoting himself in forums etc. but didn’t want to get kicked out. So he switched to a ‘be helpful’ attitude. It worked!
So there you have it.  Another example of a guy with a skill and a passion who turned it into a new income stream. What can you do?
The Wrap Up
What’s your big idea?  Do you have one and do you believe in it?  If yes, do what you need to do to make things happen.  Time is of the essence, you haven’t got a moment to lose.  Over to you.

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