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4 Ways to Become Famous Online

how to be famous online
For home business marketers, the temptation to be anonymous can be a dangerous one.
I know, I know. You chose the internet because you figured it would be an easy way to make a buck. Not because you wanted to become an internet celebrity.
But all home business marketers at some point need to get over the fear of putting themselves out there.
Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Who do you think they’ll feel more comfortable buying from? Someone who’s transparent and approachable and they feel like they’ve met? Or someone who seems aloof, insecure and like they’ve got something to hide?
Many home business marketers are not comfortable about putting themselves out there.
But the name of the game is to become visible online. If you don’t do it, how are your going to generate leads and make sales? You can’t.
So here is my short list of strategies you can use so people can find you.

1. Personally Branded Blog

The home business industry is a very personal industry. A website (ideally a blog) that’s branded under your own name is a must.
If you don’t have your full name as a domain, better snap it up fast before someone else does. Head over to GoDaddy or Enom to check availability and register your domain.
Go for (using your own name, of course) if it’s available. If not, .net is OK. I use for this blog and it works fine.
Avoid weird domains like .online or .blog or .business – they’re too difficult for people to remember. Also avoid substituting your initials for your full name, or using a strange nickname. The goal here is to present yourself as transparent and approachable. Using your full name does that; anything else appears shifty.
Once you’ve got your domain, don’t let it sit there gathering dust. Set up a blog and publish valuable content on a regular basis that positions you as an authority. If you can’t do daily, weekly is fine.
By blogging, people will get to know your writing style. They’ll get to know how you think. They’ll get to interact with you in the comments. This all works to position you in their minds as a real person and a friend, not an anonymous internet profile.
Don’t forget to add your picture to your blog. Use Gravatar or Disqus to make your headshot picture appear in the comments and in your byline. It’s also a great idea to put your headshot picture up on the front page.
If you look at the front page of this blog, you will see my headshot picture front and centre. Do the same thing yourself. Use a picture that’s well lit and professional. Think of it like going for a job interview. You want to make the best first impression for the person who could be your next source of income.

2. Use Your Facebook Personal Profile

Facebook pages and groups are great. Keep using them by all means. But they don’t replace the personal profile, at least not in the home business industry.
Again, this industry is a highly personal one. If you use your personal profile as a business tool, you’ll stand out from the marketers who are afraid to. You’ll show your potential customers that you’re committed to your business and is a major part of your life.
That’s the kind of leader they’re looking for. Someone who takes pride in their business and has no insecurities about it.
Here’s how you should use your personal profile:
1. Post in your group under your personal profile and let your members become Facebook friends with you.
2. Communicate with your people on messenger, both to make sales and to check in.
3. Send out short posts every day on your personal profile, like I do, to keep your followers engaged.
4. Finally, link to your Facebook personal profile in the signature of your blog posts and emails.
If you’re worried about your family seeing your business stuff, Facebook has a feature called Lists. Use it to filter out who sees which posts. But I wouldn’t recommend this: the idea is to show that you’re transparent and proud of your business.

3. Get On Video

Have you ever seen a marketer who creates written content but you’ve never seen them or heard their voice?
It’s a bit surreal isn’t it? Almost like you don’t quite perceive them as a real person. That’s another form of anonymity that creates a barrier to sales.
Don’t leave your audience wondering what your voice sounds like. Put out regular videos on your blog and YouTube channel. Even do Facebook live streams if you’re game enough.
Sure, video’s a great format to teach and deliver content. But you’ll also find that when people find you for the first time, many will want to watch one of your videos. Again, if you check the front page of this blog, you’ll see I’ve got an intro video that newcomers can play.
Remember, the more you can make your online business feel like an offline business, the easier you’ll make sales. And the effective use of video is one of the best ways to make people feel like they’ve met you.

4. Get On the Phone

Nothing screams “aloof” like a marketer who refuses to get on the phone and only offers email as a contact method. Again, a sales killer.
If you don’t mind random people calling you, add your phone number to your blog and in your email signature.
Most people will respect your time and not try to call you up every day. But they’ll appreciate knowing that you’re approachable and only one call away.
If you’d prefer to keep some barriers, use an online booking calendar. ScheduleOnce and YouCanBookMe are popular options. You could either make your sessions available for free or charge for them. Or, make the first one free and charge for further ones.
Whichever way, your customers will breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not trying to hide from them.
Your Turn Now…..
How many of these 4 tactics are you currently using in your online business? Have you been presenting yourself as aloof and anonymous without even realising it? Or, have you implemented some of these tactics already, and if so, did you see an uptick in results?
Leave your comments below.
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