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The 5 Mistakes That Keep Even Smart Marketers Broke

The 5 Mistakes That Keep Even Smart Marketers Broke
Ok, here is my list of reasons why many budding marketers struggle.  Take a look.

1. Flitting Like a Butterfly.

These people have short attention spans.  If something doesn’t work in 5 minutes, they’re thinking about the next big thing.
These are the instant gratification junkies; the gamblers and speculators of this world. They’re always looking for a quick result, and preferably without much effort.

2. Working on the Wrong Things

In a nutshell, they don’t spend enough time on the activities that make money.  So, they indulge themselves in various activities that – although pleasing – will not produce sales, anytime soon.  I remember listening to a top sales trainer by the name of Paul J Myer.  This is what he said: the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is simple: the successful people are focused on pleasing results whilst the unsuccessful people are focused on pleasing activities”.  Boom!

3. Spending Too Much Money On Traffic and Leads

I’ve got no problem with paid traffic.  I’ve run plenty of ad campaigns and – in the main – I’ve done well from them.  But here is what I’ve noticed about newbies – they have no idea what they’re doing.  They don’t understand their market and have no idea how to construct an effective messaging campaign for it.
Like lambs to the slaughter, these people can spend thousands on ads and have little or nothing to show for it.  (Except for their ballooning credit card debt.)

4. They Think the Internet Is About Tech and Not People

This is a common misconception.  Some people want to become internet marketers because ‘I love to do stuff on my computer’.  But at the end of the day, the sale of products and services depends on the effective connection between the seller and the seller.    Connecting with people one way or another is the essence of sales and marketing.
All the internet did was to open markets that were hard to access previously.

5. Not Playing the Messaging Game

What is messaging?  It’s about the words you use in your marketing.  I’m talking about text, voice and video-based messaging.  Fashioning words so they move someone to take action is a science and an art.  Get it right, and the future is yours.  Get it wrong, and setbacks and disappointment will be the hallmark of your online career.
How to avoid it.  
The first step is to learn cutting edge tribe building and messaging methods, techniques, and strategies.
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