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How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 7

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Seventh Lesson. Offers For Boffins and Boofheads Yesterday’s Lesson: Headlines, Deadlines, and Breadlines What is an offer? In contract law, an offer is a promise in exchange for performance by another party. In laymen’s terms, it’s merely an exchange of value between seller and buyer.  Offers can be free or paid. For instance, if you’re building an … Read more

How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 6

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Sixth Lesson.  Headlines, Deadlines, and Breadlines Yesterday’s Lesson: Customers, Hero’s and Weirdos What is the #1 killer of sales letters and pages, blogs, websites, emails, social media posts? The answer is simple: Bad Headlines.  For it doesn’t matter how good your content is; if you don’t have a good headline, your promotion will bomb. Your headline … Read more

How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 5

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Fifth Lesson.  Customers, Hero’s and Weirdos Yesterday’s Lesson: Grab ‘Em When They’re Hot Not all customers are worth having.  Therefore, it becomes critically important that you have a clearly defined profile of your ideal client.  Once done the next step is to formulate a way to attract them. Mind you, it’s not foolproof. Even if … Read more

How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 4

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Fourth Lesson.  Grab ‘Em When They’re Hot Fourth Lesson.  Grab ‘Em When They’re Hot Yesterday’s Lesson: Small is Bootiful (and Bountiful) When someone opts into your email list, don’t beat around the bush. Give them your best offer and ask them to buy. That completes this lesson. Ha ha. Well, of course, there’s more to … Read more

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Second Lesson. Keep It Simple Stoopid When I was in direct sales (a looong time ago), I’d go to sales conferences and training events. Often the presenter would invoke the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t complicate things. If there’s a simpler alternative, use it. The same thing applies to your copywriting activities, … Read more