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How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 4

Fourth Lesson.  Grab ‘Em When They’re Hot

Fourth Lesson.  Grab ‘Em When They’re Hot

Yesterday’s Lesson: Small is Bootiful (and Bountiful)

When someone opts into your email list, don’t beat around the bush. Give them your best offer and ask them to buy. That completes this lesson. Ha ha.

Well, of course, there’s more to the topic than ‘wham bam thank ya maám’.

So let’s step back a bit and discuss Step 1 – Generate a Lead. Nothing happens till you do that, so when someone finds you – whether it’s from social media, ads, SEO, or something else – you want them to make an instant decision to opt into your email list.

And often the traditional way to do that is with a lead capture page. This is not a course on how to create one of those pages but suffice it to say that if you have the right offer combined with a potent headline and supporting copy, a good number of people who land on the page will opt into your list.

What type of offer will get them to salivate? Well, if they”re seeking information to solve a problem, the best option might be something like a free report, cheat sheet, or free video.

I said the traditional way to capture a lead is to use ads or SEO methods to send people to a capture page. But in the world of organic social media marketing, you sometimes don’t need a lead capture page.

For instance, if you are chatting with people on Messenger, you can send them to your sales page, or book an appointment. The downside, of course, is that you forego the opportunity to add them to your email list.

Let’s talk a little more about generating leads (or opt-ins to your email list). In years past online marketers often used SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) methods to drive traffic to a website or lead capture page. Or they spent money on banner ads, Google ads, solo ads, and the like.

But in the age of social media, it is not always necessary to use any of these methods. Nor is it a requirement to spend money on Facebook ads (a complicated and temperamental beast).

A lead produced from the effective use of free social media methods such as a post on your personal timeline, or a follow up on Messenger to your new friend, can be produced quickly and at zero cost.

Let Your Content Do the Heavy Lifting

Let’s say you published a lead generation post on your Facebook timeline. If the post generated leads, you can reach out to them on Messenger because you already know these people on Facebook. Sure, they’re not opt-ins to your email list but leads nevertheless.

That would be a good result, yeah? For sure. By the way, when you contact them on Messenger, don’t behave like a sleazy huckster. Instead, put your consultant’s hat on and look for ways to help them solve their problem. and see how you can help them.

This is one of the best ways to do business on Facebook or even LinkedIn. Rather than cold pitch people, create potent posts and let the content do the work for you.

Here is a crazy example of a lead gen post as used on Facebook by me. I say crazy because I ran a Facebook Live and mentioned my free offer. But the Live was aborted after ten minutes. So rather than waste an opportunity, I improvised by writing a quick post and promoting my offer. It worked.

Did it work because of the excellent copy? No. The key was the offer. So the lesson is that even if you’re not a great writer if you’ve got a hot offer, you’ll still get leads.

Take a look:

A Simple Way to Generate Leads

As you can see, the call to action asked them to leave a comment if they were interested. Next step for you? Follow up on each reply. Leaving a comment without follow up means the time you invested in writing the post will have been in vain. So it’s vital that you follow up as soon as you can and grab ’em while they’re hot.

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Here is another example. This one is a longer-form post designed to produce a response fast.

A Winning Lead Gen Post

Notice how I lead with the pain points associated with the niche being targetted (ie marketers). The Call to Action asked them to leave a comment so they could receive my free video report.

Effective use of the Messenger tool can convert an initial inquiry into a hot lead. Simple as that. But rather than pitching and hustling people get people to lean forward first. And one of the best ways to do that is to write content that is likely to produce a response.

And when you get a response here is what you must do: grab ’em while they’re hot.

Potent Words To Use 3

Here are some more sizzle words you can use in your sales-oriented content:

  • Money
  • Guarantee
  • Results
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Bargain
  • Hurry

Your Homework

Practice writing an opening paragraph that leads with a pain point. Remember it’s vital that the first two sentences hook readers and entices them to continue reading.

Then submit it to my Facebook group for a free critique (there’s that ‘free’ word again): Tribe Builder Community.

Lesson 5 is called Customers, Hero’s and Weirdos. Look out for it.

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