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How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 5

Fifth Lesson.  Customers, Hero’s and Weirdos

Yesterday’s Lesson: Grab ‘Em When They’re Hot

Not all customers are worth having.  Therefore, it becomes critically important that you have a clearly defined profile of your ideal client.  Once done the next step is to formulate a way to attract them.

Mind you, it’s not foolproof. Even if you are good at attracting quality clients, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have problems from time to time.

Meet the Client From Hell

For example, last year I had the misfortune to be approached by an affiliate marketer who was looking for personal coaching support. She wasn’t making sales and wanted me to help her solve the problem.

Before I took on the job I spoke to her at length, and she presented herself as rational and intelligent.

She was frank and upfront because she told me she was taking anti-depressive medication. She said that as long as she kept taking them she was fine, but if she stopped, she would turn into a three-headed monster.

I accepted her promise that NO WAY would she go off her meds.

Well, you guessed it – early into the program with me, she decided to stop taking her meds. And yep – she lived up to her promise and became the client from hell.

Looking back it’s now obvious that she had a major problem with self-sabotage. She knew if she stopped taking her meds the consulting project would fail, which in a perverse way was exactly what she wanted.

Not that I’m complaining. I’ve had a dream run with the vast majority of clients because I am careful about working with people who are a good fit for me.

If you’re a consultant, coach or an expert (selling your expertise), there’s a lesson there. Even if you’re selling courses or high ticket affiliate products or a network marketer building a team, be careful about who you work with.

Who Are You Looking For?

You can’t hunt for business unless you know your target audience. Just as a cheetah knows his quarry, you must have the same surety. Without clarity you are toast. Lack of clear thinking undermines your confidence and robs you of your superpower.

So, who are you looking for? I suggest you write a profile of your ideal customer or client, as stated. What are their defining characteristics? Perhaps you can delve into your customer list and identify the customers that gave you the most joy – emotionally, intellectually and, of course, financially.

Look for common characteristics of the people you want to target. This is a vital step because without it you can’t laser target your messaging. To be clear, your aim should be to stimulate the reader to say to themselves, ‘he’s talking to me.’ And if your reader has a life-changing epiphany as a consequence, all to the good.

Which brings me back to the core point. If you aren’t crystal clear about your target audience (and what turns it on) you cannot give readers the light bulb moments they crave. See the next point for more ideas about matching your message with your market.

Focus On Your Audience

Invoke WIIFM – What’s in it for me? Do it, and you’ll hit the sweet spot with your target audience every time. A master motivator and sales trainer, Zig Ziglar, said this: ‘You can get everything you want if you help other people get what they want.’ Amen to that, brother Zig.

So when you create content always write with your audience in mind. What turns them on and gives them grief? When you know that, you can tailor your message to suit. Your goal? Score a bullseye with your reader, every time.

Remember this:

People don’t care about you – they think about themselves. So if you’re smart you’ll play the WIIFM game for all its worth. Yeah, baby.

Your Customer As the Hero

This brings me to the next point – your customer as a hero.

A technique I like to use is to write a customer hero story. Highlight the pain and the problems the customer is facing. Then show your reader how your product or service solved the problem for customer X.

There are different ways to do it but sometimes I like to include not only the customer story (even if it’s a short one) but also a lesson.

Here is a snippet from a recent blog post featuring the customer story combined with a customer lesson on marketing.

After introducing the topic the post then features a mini-case history, as follows:

We Deliver Sales and Revive Dead Customers for Delish Deliveries

For instance, we helped the Australian company Delish Deliveries leverage their existing email list. But there was a small problem. The company hadn’t emailed the list for a long time; it was all but dead. 

A dead list is normally useless: any relationship that may have existed previously has been broken. Delish was no different. In fact, they were in a quandary – should they abandon email marketing, or try again? Fortunately, they took the latter option. After making contact with us we formulated a simple plan. The goal was to rectify things by breathing new life into their dying list.

First up we segmented their list by using precise targeting techniques. We then created a series of laser targetted email messages for each list segment. Each email included a killer offer plus a strong call to action.

Finally, we installed a small Facebook ad retargeting strategy to reinforce the email campaign.

Results Speak For Themselves

The short campaign delivered more than 100+ new customers.  The immediate dollar value of these sales was more than $ 10,000. Because many of these customers are continuing to submit orders, higher sales will flow as time rolls by.

The post then features a small lesson as follows:

The Takeout For You

If you have a list, talk to us. And even if you don’t, give us a holler. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is that email marketing is alive and well. It still works, but only for a select few – ie, email marketers who have lifted their game and now play with the big kids.  

How often should you send emails? It depends on your business, but in general, we recommend most companies should email at least once a week. This will ensure you create lots of top of mind awareness, not to forget the opportunity to stimulate engagement and make more sales.

Another issue is targetting. By using micro targetting techniques, you can create different messages for different segments of your list. Your goal is to invoke a response whereby the recipient thinks ‘he’s talking directly to me.’

Should you try and do it yourself? If you have a micro business and short on funds, the answer is yes. We can coach you on the finer points.  

On the other hand, if your business has substance – customers in place with consistent four, five, and six-figure weekly revenue – you’d be better off outsourcing all of it. Why? You can be an expert in everything – focus on those things in which you already excel. 

When you read the full post, make sure you also review the final section – The Call to Action. Check it out:

One Hundred Sales For Food Delivery Business (From a ‘Dead’ Email List)

If you think this is a bit daunting, don’t worry about it. It’s an advanced strategy for sure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a go at writing a mini customer hero story. In fact, even if you don’t yet have a good case history in your kit bag, you can write a hypothetical story based on what you know about your ideal customer. Create a scenario then flesh it out with words.

Finally, in preparation for the next lesson – Headlines, Deadlines, and Breadlines – here are some good before and after headlines. Take a look.


Good: Why affiliates fail. Better: This ruins most affiliates

Good: Fast way to day trading.  Better: Here’s a shortcut for becoming a day trader

Good: How to lose weight fast. Better: Why your diet won’t work

Good: Does bankruptcy scare you? Better: How to survive bankruptcy

Good: Why dieters fail.  Better: The biggest mistake dieters make

Good: Do you want to make money online? Better: The fastest way to make $500 online. 

Great Content – But What About Leads, Inquiries, and Sales?

Exactly. Writing good copy CAN help you generate leads, but it’s unlikely to have a big impact on your ability to make sales. You need something more.

Not only will you need a more comprehensive set of lead generating strategies you also want to make sales. But more than this. You also need to know how to build a tribe of engaged fans that are far more likely to do business with you. Enter Tribe Builder PLUS. I’ve got a free video for you to look at. It could be a gamechanger for you. Check it out: TRIBE BUILDER PLUS

Your Homework

Make a list of the characteristic of your ideal customer. Then submit it to my Facebook group for a free critique (there’s that ‘free’ word again): Tribe Builder Community.

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