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How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 9

Ninth Lesson: Pick a Fight When You Know You’re Right

Yesterday’s Lesson: Tell a Story For Sales Glory

Many people love to push back against the traditional way of doing things. You can set yourself apart from the norm by articulating a clear difference between your business and the status quo. See yourself as an agent of change, a provocateur, and a maverick.

Take a look at my quick ‘street walk’ video on the Push Back topic:

A natural extension of the pushback technique is Pick a Fight. Identify the ‘enemy,’ then launch an all-out assault on it. Examples from the commercial world abound. Network marketing companies rail against the evils of working for ‘the man,’ Apple computers took on the PC world with their Macintosh system. (They ran super effective TV and print ads during the launch period.)

To make it work you need to follow a few steps:

  • Develop a crystal clear picture of your brand, product or service. What sets it apart?
  • Articulate the differences with a unique language, ideology, mission, and purpose.
  • Identity the enemy whether it be a company, person, belief or ideology.
  • Develop a war plan and aggressively take the message to the marketplace.


Your ideology represents a clear belief system that covers the principles and values that form the foundation of your movement. It is vital that all new participants understand your creed and embrace it from Day 1.


If you’re like me and into community building (including the use of Facebook groups), ideally you would foster a feeling of ‘apartness.’  Cults including religions, environmental and political movements, use this technique too.  Indeed, a church I was involved in promoted the idea of being ‘in the world, but not of it.’  It was one of the techniques they used to galvanize members to adhere to the church ideology.

Thought Reform

You cannot affect profound and lasting change without thought reform. It starts with you, and once you’ve got total clarity about your mission, your job is to enroll others in it. Your goal should be to convince your followers to abandon old ways of thinking (and doing). Why? Old ways of thinking got them to where they are now. Nothing less than a revolutionary way of looking at the world will do!

Solidarity and Community

Tribes and cults work best when the members galvanize around a common purpose and mission. But you should also foster a sense of belonging to something that is bigger than them.

When it happens, members will get excited and evangelize on your behalf, thereby growing the group for you.

Making Sense Of These Ideas

If the foregoing has your head spinning, don’t worry about it. It’s ok. The concepts are somewhat advanced, and may even seem strange to you, especially topics like thought Reform, Ideology, and Separation.

To bring things back to earth for you, I recorded a video that covers many advanced content techniques. And here is my common sense segment on the Pick a Fight technique…….

How Do You Infuse These Ideas Into Your Content?

Before I deal with this question let’s look at the bigger picture.  Whilst tactics, techniques and so on are important, nothing trumps strategy.  The correct strategy executed well can transform your business.  It doesn’t matter how good your copy is – if your strategy is crap your business will suffer.  

So a content technique like Pick a Fight is only as good as the strategy that underpins it.   Let’s say you write a good Pick a Fight style post for a social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn.  After it’s published lots of good engagement is produced, but if you don’t have a plan to convert the commenters into leads and sales, success will elude you.

Therefore, you must have a solid Lead Generation and Sales Conversion strategy in place.  To that, you could add a Monetization strategy, and a bunch more besides.    

On the other hand, let’s say your quality post flopped, with no engagement.  One reason could be as follows:

  • You Don’t Have An Engaged Audience.  Even though the content was good, without an audience the post failed.

Examples Of the Pick a Fight Technique

So, let’s look at some examples of Facebook content I have used successfully in the past. Note that I’m a marketing consultant so my content will necessarily be different from those who occupy other niches.

Example 1

You will see that I am taking a shot at the marketing gurus focused on digital agencies and freelancers such as web designers and writers. These people often insist that the only way to go is to focus on one industry. My post challenges this thinking. Take a look:

Example 2

This post calls out failing social media marketers who post crap content such as memes, cat pics, and success quotes. Notice how I make a point about authority and why posting lame content does nothing to build it. Take a look:

Example 3

For this post, I pick a fight – once again – with marketers who have no idea what they’re doing. So the enemy is soft-headed thinking.

Example 4

You may be familiar with funnel building platforms like Click Funnels. Russel Brunson has put together an incredible business. And yes I am a user of the product – I was one of their early customers and have faithfully paid my monthly subs ever since.

So I have no problem with the product – I like it a lot. But I do take issue with some of the hype that surrounds sales funnels which – in the main – refers to the use of these software platforms. The reality is quite different – sales funnels have existed for hundreds of years, in one form or another.

So, for this post, I call out the BS that surrounds the industry. Result: more credibility and authority for me.

This post forms part of a series titled Funnel BS. Other posts have picked a fight with funnel gurus who prescribe ridiculously complicated funnel structures.

Final Thought

The effectiveness of the strategies covered in this and previous lessons will depend on a variety of factors. One factor is your ability to adapt each strategy to your situation. Specifically, your ability to write impactful content, Avatar alignment and the number of niche congruent people you have in your engaged pipeline.

Your Homework

Firstly, identify your ‘enemy’. Then write a short Pick a Fight style post and submit it to my Facebook group for a free critique (there’s that ‘free’ word again): Tribe Builder Community.

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