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8 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Home Business

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So It’s Monday. I Couldn’t Give a Shit

It’s Monday. I couldn’t give a shit
Some days I just don’t feel like working.  Yeah, it’s true.  Even after almost ten years online I still get those feelings
– No motivation
– No inspiration
– I’ve got the blahs
Today was like that.  One of the biggest tests you will face when working from home is this: getting started each day. Even when you don’t feel like it.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve woken up and NOT felt like working. If I was to guess, I reckon it would be at least five hundred times over the last ten years.
But here’s the thing:
I never succumb (exception: illness etc.)
I mention this because I have a theory that one of the big reasons why people fail is because they fall prey to distractions and temptations. And it starts each morning when you wake up.
If you don’t start the day productively, it can easily be a downward spiral from there.  So, here are eight (somewhat irreverent) ways to overcome the blahs……

8 Ways to Stay Motivated and Get into Action

Way 1 – Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

bright eyed
If you’re a ‘morning person’ the right approach for you is to hit the ground running, even if you’re feeling down. From the moment you get out of bed, nothing less than total commitment will do.  My late grandma was like that.
A morning person for sure, she would bounce out of bed and be in overdrive for the rest of the day.  Frankly, it wore me out just watching her.  Not that she was super physical, she was just ‘bright’ from the time she opened her eyes.
Even if you’re depressed put on your happy face anyway.  It’s in your DNA.

 Way 2 – Start Slow

I start slow every morning.  I assume the persona of a giant slug.  As I drag myself into the lounge room I only have two thoughts:

 – What’s for breakfast?
– Do I have to work today?
Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I love my work, but I still get those bad thoughts, and they usually happen when I wake up.
That said, within half an hour or so I’m ready to get into action.  That is assuming that I didn’t have a late night.
However, from time to time I slip into a negative phase.  When that happens I finish my morning rituals; then I’ll pick some simple tasks first. From there I’ll step up to the higher level jobs. Within an hour or so, I’m hot to trot once again.
Try it! 

Way 3 – Kick the Cat


Well not literally.  I happen to love cats, so if I get wind of you mistreating an animal, I will hunt you down and garotte you.  But the point is that if you can’t get motivated, you either get angry with yourself or someone else.

I think it’s preferable to give yourself the old heave ho – after all, you’re the one who got you into this mess, right?  But if you can’t stomach a bit of good old fashioned masochism, some mild sadism could do the trick for you.  So you’re a psychopath.  I know that already – that’s why I don’t like you.

Way 4 – Run Around Like a Banshee

 As legend would have it, Banshee Indians are a crazy bunch of mothers.  You only have to watch the tv show of the same name to understand that.  Very physical.

But the point is that a physical approach can work, even if it comes in short bursts.  So here is what you do.  You run around the house, the yard, the block.  That should get your adrenals working nicely.

Keep in mind that there is a close link between your mental and physical state.  So doing something physical will feed brain stimulating chemicals into your blood stream.  A perfect way to move beyond inertia and apathy.

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 Way 5 – A Punch In the Face

mike tyson


This is one of my favs.  I use it as a last resort, but it does work.  What is it?  I get angry with myself.  I give myself a good talking to. In fact, I have been known to punch myself in the head.  Many, many times. Don’t believe me?  Just ask my wife.  Oops, you can’t.  She died five years ago.  Nevertheless, the point is valid.

Ok so I’m a whack job, but you get the picture, right?

Way 6 – Goo-Roo Time

Talk to your guru.  Yes, and why not?  Why not indeed.  So if you have a mentor, a sponsor or a coach – hop on the phone and have a good old chin wag.  She will set you right.  Pretty soon you’ll be into action mode and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Way 7 – Take Drugs (Or Have a Ciggie and a Cuppa)

bad habits

Name your poison; that’s what I say.  Not that I take drugs, smoke, or drink in the mornings. No siree.  I’m a clean liver with a healthy liver. But you may be different, so if burning through a packet of fags in an hour (is that possible?) floats your motivational boat, well, puff away.

On further reflection disregard all of that.  Perhaps a couple of cups of coffee is all you need.

Way 8 – Start Yacking

Yackety yack, don’t look back.  Other than talking to your guru, why not pick up the phone and talk to some leads?  I used to do that – and it worked a treat.  Sure, I was hopeless for the first few calls.

But then the adrenaline kicked in, I’d get my mojo back, and all was good with the world, once again.

The Washup

Yes, it was tongue in cheek.  Sometimes it’s good to lighten up a bit and just have a little bit of fun.  But if you think about it, each of the points makes sense.  There is truth here.  Trust me.

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