Internet Marketing From Home

From Busted Baby Boomer to Living the Laptop Lifestyle

In 1999 my wife and I started a business after seeing Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) speak at a seminar. I was inspired!

I immediately bought his board game, CASHFLOW. After I played it a few times, I invited some friends over to do likewise. We had fun. From there things snowballed until we were running big Cash Flow nights in hotel function rooms! To keep pace we purchased 10 games – at almost $300 a pop.

From there we decided that we should turn our fun game nights into a business, which we did. I love doing deals and making sales. But there is something I love more than thatI love to teach. So we created a training and property education business.

Not Everything Goes to Plan

In 2005 I got the idea to start a home loan brokerage.

I thought it would be a natural extension to our activities in real estate. I was wrong. After spending a fortune, and losing a million dollars, we stopped the business, and closed the office in 2008. In hindsight, my wife and I were probably the wrong people to be involved in this type of business. This was not helped by the life threatening illness my wife contracted during this period. Something had to give.

My Start As An Internet Marketer

In 2006 I was looking for another source of income. I was fascinated by the Internet, even though I did not have a clue as to how it worked, or how to make money from it. But I knew some people were making money, and I liked the idea of working from home – or anywhere for that matter. Finding the right business model to align myself with, was a challenge. But within a couple of months, I had found a great upmarket educational product, focused on wealth and self development.

I also liked the high profit margin, as well as the marketing system the supplier company had developed. Less than a month after starting in September 2006, I made my first dollars. And I have been making them ever since.

Disaster Strikes​

I hope you don’t think that everything from that point on was fine and dandy with me. Life doesn’t work like that. Since I started as an online marketer in 2006 I’ve had my ups and downs, the biggest one being the passing of my wife in 2011. I was married for 36 years.

In the lead up to and for a period after her passing I couldn’t concentrate on my marketing activities. My income dropped drastically.

How I Rose From the Ashes of Despair

Then something rather wonderful happened. I stumbled across a new kind of affiliate program that didn’t require me to engage with leads at all. They did it for me. So I jumped onto it and almost immediately things started to turn around for me, big time.

My Life Today As a Digital Nomad

Since 2103 I’ve been travelling the world, having fun. I currently live in Asia and have lived in the following countries during this period – Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia. Soon I will spend more time in Thailand. I’ve also visited Malaysia, USA, and Mexico.

Is This You?

Maybe you already have a home business, or soon to start one. Possibly you’re a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, or some other type of marketer. One thing is certain. You’re not making the money you need so you can finally enjoy the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about for years.

One of the reasons home business marketers are not making great money is related to marketing issues:

  • ​Not enough leads
  • Not enough quality leads
  • Leads not converting into sales and new members

Can you identify?

​If yes, I think you’ll love my site. I set it up to show ordinary people how to firstly get the leads flowing, and then how to crank up their sales and sign ups.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Just as a farmer needs a reliable water supply to irrigate his crops, a marketer needs a reliable flow of leads to service his business.

How Can I Help You?

If we do business together I will mentor you into this great industry. I will teach you the same techniques I have used to make good money from early on.

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