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Episode 11: Russian Doll With Anstasha Deyour

Anastasha Deyour has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 15 years. She holds multiple degrees in business, communication, and financial management. She has studied at Universities in the United States, Australia, and Russia. Establishing her first business at 26 in the fiercely competitive Intelligent Security Systems industry, she quickly expanded it into a […]

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Episode 10: China Dream With Rich Tweten

Rich Tweten started online in the year 2000. His first website was called Body Art and promote his new fitness training business. Not long after, he launched ShapeUpSolution(dot)com. He soon got sick of grinding away finding clients, so put together a search engine optimized sales letter for his website. It didn’t take long before he […]

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Episode 9: San Antonio Rose With Stephanie Scheller

Stephanie Scheller is the founder of Grow Disrupt, a San Antonio-based training organization for small businesses. She is an accomplished speaker and has been behind the scenes with more than 2500 companies in the past five years. She helps them analyze and address their sales, marketing, and systems issues. She is a TEDx speaker, a […]

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Episode 8: Video Magic With Sue Moses

Helping you ‘look, feel and sound great’ in your business videos is Sue’s mission. As a Video Coach, Sue gives her clients a rapid transformation experience. She helps them confidently present to a camera while keeping the message concise, pointed, and impactful.   Sue’s experience comes from over 14,000 hours of live broadcasting on Australian media. […]

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Anke Herrmann

Episode 7: Spanish Adventure With Anke Herrmann

Kim Willis With Special Guest: Anke Herrmann Today’s guest is Anke Herrmann. Anke is a Passion Business Coach, Podcast host, Certified Clarity Coach (& Mentor), online tech-loving geek, teacher, dressmaker, and crazy dog lady. Phew! In 2004 she quit her IT job in the UK and moved to the south of Spain to start a […]

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Episode 6: 7 Free Ways to Crush It On Facebook in 2020

With Kim Willis Join Kim as he explores different FREE ways to use the Facebook platform to generate leads and makes sales. It starts with tribe building and lead generation. If you get those two elements right, income will tend to flow naturally (assuming you have an attractive offer).

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How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 10

Tenth Lesson.  Tools, Fools, and Jewels Yesterday’s Lesson: Pick a Fight When You Know You’re Right Hey hey, it’s tool time. Not quite.  Writers don’t need many tools. I only use two writing-related tools: Grammarly. A fabulous tool to help you improve your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. A day doesn’t pass without using Grammarly. Hemingway. […]

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Episode 5: Foreign Correspondent

Kim Willis With Special Guest: Copywriter Heather Boyer Life rarely goes according to plan and, sometimes – paradoxically – that’s when the best things in life can happen.  When it came to online work, Heather’s original plan was bookkeeping.  However, the more she dove into Facebook groups and programs for bookkeepers, the more she heard […]

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Episode 4. Back From the Brink

Kim Willis With Special Guest Life Coach Melanie Mendoza Meet Melanie Mendoza. Melanie is a 47-year-old Life Coach who resides in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Although she has a business degree and also studied psychology, a couple of years ago she decided she wanted to help people who have experienced trauma and hardship. She was […]

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copywriting course

How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 9

Ninth Lesson: Pick a Fight When You Know You’re Right Yesterday’s Lesson: Tell a Story For Sales Glory Many people love to push back against the traditional way of doing things. You can set yourself apart from the norm by articulating a clear difference between your business and the status quo. See yourself as an […]

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