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Who Cares About Your Network Marketing Business?


People Couldn’t Care Less About Your Silly Home Business

Many moons ago, before the advent and rise of the internet, it was much simpler.  And in some respects, it was easier to make money.

There weren’t that many opportunities from which to choose.  Way back then it was often a choice between Amway, Herbalife, Nu Skin, and Shaklee.

Compare that to today.

Today we are swamped with pitches and programs, most of them online.  There could be 100,000 different money making schemes out there. I don’t know the number, but at the bare minimum, there’d be at least 10,000.

Which brings me to the core problem

Because there as so many of these deals – most of them online – they’ve become commoditised.  Sure, smart marketers will package them up and give them the veneer of difference, but when you peel it away, it’s always just another one of those deals.

Here is another problem:

Warp Speed Saturation

Because of the warp speed of the Internet, it doesn’t take long before people in the online home business pond learn about the latest hot new deals. But, what was hot today, will be ‘old hat’ in just a few months.  This is particularly the case for online business opportunities and affiliate programs.  Compare that to old style network marketing.  It took Amway at least ten years before it was reasonably well known in its home market (USA).

But that’s not how it works today.  Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean you should look for another hot deal.  How are you gonna build sustainable income when you’re always jumping from one thing to another?  It can’t be done.

So what is needed is a way to make money from the program you’re in now (assuming it stacks up), even when it is no longer the flavor of the month.

Quick saturation is indeed a major problem for online marketers, but it’s not the only one.  Try this one:

No-One Wants To Be Sold To

This has always been the case.  But the internet has magnified the issue hugely.  Information is more readily available than ever before. Power has shifted from producers to consumers in a big way.  They’ve become hardened and brittle.  They’re particularly resistant to traditional sales pitches.  Which makes it all the more imperative to avoid pitchy online methods.  Here are some of the techniques still used by unreconstructed marketers:

  • Posting ads in spam laden Facebook groups
  • Pitching people on Facebook chat
  • Pitchy posts on your Facebook wall
  • Automated sales messages on Twitter
  • Aggressive sales pitches via emails
  • Hyped up sales pages and videos

So, while it has always ben the case that people don’t like to be sold to, the internet has made it much worse.  If we combine this issue with the next one, we have a recipe for disaster.  Take a look.

Nobody Cares About Your Business

It’s true.  They couldn’t care less about your business.  All they care about is solving their problems and having a better life.  So, how are you gonna do that for them?  When establishing business connections on social media platforms, I never lead with my business.  I always talk about them and their problem.  If I can find a motivated person with a problem (assuming I know I can solve it), chances are I will be doing business with that person.

So if you’re ‘over’ jumping from one thing to another and using techniques that do not work, read my next section closely.

7 Ways to Escape the Network Marketing Killing Fields

killing fields

As I write this, I am living in Cambodia.  I’ve been fascinated – in a morbid way – about the recent history of the country. In 1975 Pol Pot and his murderous troops invaded the capital, Phnom Penh, and ushered in a 5-year reign of terror till the Vietnamese kicked them out in 1979.

During that period up to 2 million people were murdered by the Khmer Rouge.  They call it the Killing Fields.  So, I’ve borrowed the term and applied it to the network marketing and affiliate marketing industry.

Every year tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people have their careers ‘murdered’ as a result of bad attitude and work practices on their part.  But let’s not forget another big factor – they were taught to use strategies that are totally at odds with the way the internet works.  No wonder they fail.

Understanding that, here is my 7 point checklist which will help you escape the home business killing fields.  Read on.

1. Fish In Different Ponds

If you’re prospecting online, don’t just target other marketers.  I know a lot of people do it, but there are so many other possibilities.   Some examples:

  • Travel Lovers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Music and Film Lovers
  • Personal Development Junkies
  • Other Affinity Groups (e.g., if you love photography, join a Photographic Group)

2. Choose Opportunities That Pay Now Money

Traditional MLM plans are what we call a back end program.  That is, the money is made when you maximize the pay plan.  Usually this will take many years.  Before you reach that point (and most people never get there), you are going to be making small money.  This is one of the reasons why so many quit MLM.  They’re not making any money.

So, a Get Paid Today (GPT) plan will pay much more money in the short term providing you are productive.  In fact, it’s this type of program that got me out of the rat race 55 days after I started.

3. Become a Content Junkie

If you’re going to make money online, you’ll need to face one simple reality.  The internet is a content platform.  So you can spend the rest of your days using other people’s content.  Or you can start creating some yourself.  Simple as that.

4. Change the Way You Engage With People

If you’re not engaging with people on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you need to start.  Most marketers who do it, don’t get good results because of poor engagement practices.  I have developed a copy and paste strategy that works very well.  I teach it in my Mastermind Program which includes membership of my secret Facebook Group.  The program is currently full, but you can put your name down for the next one.  Add your name to the Waiting List here.

5. Find the Pain

What are the pain points experienced by people in your niche?  Answer that and you’ll do well.  Especially if you learn how to effectively hone in on those pain points.  So, remind them of their pain by asking smart questions that encourage them to lean forward and seek your help.

After you have discovered a prospect’s pain points, they’ll be looking for some relief.  Here is the way to do it……..

6. Sell Concepts, NOT Programs

Here is what most low-level marketers do.  They pitch products and programs and wonder why they’re not making money.  As stated, no one cares about your program.  All they care about is what’s in it for them.  So unless you change your methods, you will not prosper online. So, the way forward is to embrace concept marketing.  How does it work?  Offer a conceptual solution to the prospect’s problem before you offer your actual solution (that is, your program or product).  You can use this technique in your content, your direct messages, and on the phone or Skype.

7. Lead With Value – Give Something That Will Shake Them to Their Core

This is what I call my Secret Formula.  The secret I refer to is not the ‘lead with value’ point – everyone says that.  Rather it is the nature of the value given.  It needs to have a lot of WOW Factor.  When that happens, the Law of Reciprocity takes effect and before you know it you’ll have people wanting to do business with you.  Try it, it works.

The Washup

It’s your choice.  You can continue to do the same old stuff – pitching and chasing – or you can step up to the  smarter way to do business. Take a look at my comparison between the old and the new way to do business.

2 Ways to Do Business


If you like the points covered in the New Way list (on the right) join my next Mastermind Program.  The program is currently full, but you can put your name down for the next one.  Add your name to the Waiting List here.

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