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27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow

27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow by Ryan Biddulph Hey hey hey. Good buddy prolific author and blogger, Ryan Biddulph (the Blogging From Paradise guy) has published a new book. It’s called “27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow” It gets better ’cause one of the bloggers featured is little ole me! I bought … Read more

How to Write An Article a Day

1. Study Your Niche Check out industry forums and see what other people are writing about it.  Try and determine which topics people are most interested in. You can also type in your niche or topic specific keywords and see what comes up.  Look for quality content and avoid the spruikers who publish junk content.  … Read more

Your Regular Marketing Skinny #15

Your Regular Marketing Skinny Hey, if you didn’t read my last Marketing Skinny, get it HERE To save you time, here is a summary of the best recent content items from my blog. Here it is: 1. Content Curation Tips For Beginners CLICK HERE 2. Making the Jump From Traffic to Sales CLICK HERE 3. … Read more

Skeptic Says I'm Full of Hot Air – Who Is Right?

 Now IS the Time to Build Value and Create Your Own Potent ‘Authority’ Brand This is the final post in the 4 part series on value building.  Read the last one here – Network Marketers Deluding Themselves. This series has been about what I call the value building imperative.  Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or … Read more

Network Marketers Deluding Themselves Again

Network Marketers NOT Building Their Own Business This is the third in the series on Value Building.  My last post on the topic can be be found here, Investing In Someone Else’s Value Rather Than Your Own. I stirred up a hornets nest with my value based theme this week.  However many seem to like … Read more

Content Curation Tips For Beginners

 Effective Content Curation Ideas to Grow Your Audience What is content curation and does it work? Two good questions so let me answer them for you What Is Content Curation? Simply put content curation is the practise of finding good content and sharing it with your audience, whilst at the same time giving attribution credits … Read more