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Your Internet Business 'Side Venture' (a Profitable Way to Quit the Rat Race)

An Opportunity Too Good To Pass Up If you want out of the rat race, like yesterday – I have an opportunity for you.  It’s a way to create a six (and even a seven) figure income.  And travel the world, just like me. In the last few years, I’ve been to countries like USA, Mexico, … Read more

Whiplash Movie – a Metaphor For Success

Whiplash Movie and the Message For Home Business Builders Recently I watched a great movie, Whiplash.  As the film opened, I immediately thought ‘ah, it’s a musical.’  I cast my mind back to the last musical I watched,  Mr. Holland’s Opus with Richard Dreyfus. But this is not feel good cinematic puffery.  In reality, it’s a strong, … Read more

Digital Nomad – Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh

Eric Kayser in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Eric Kayser is a French boulangerie chain.  Mighty good if you like great French bread and various sweet delicacies, such as this….. Or this…… Every Sunday afternoon I take a walk to M Kayser and Co, so I can pick up a couple of … Read more