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Little Sister Given Leg Up By Big Brother (how dogged persistence and a lucky break changed her life forever)

You’ve heard of the TV show Big Brother? I wasn’t a fan, but the other day I watched a replay of the Filipino version. My friend said ‘Did you know that Pokwang got her start on shows like Big Brother?’ The lady she was referring to was known to me. I had seen her do … Read more

Clutter Buster: How to Eradicate Clutter and Focus Like a Laser Beam

Create a Space For the Good You Desire So you’re having problems building your home business.  Perhaps it’s because you lack focus.  One of the principal causes for lack of focus is a lack of belief.  When you lack belief, the tendency is to avoid doing the work to make things happen. Irrespective of the cause, … Read more

Failing Forward – How to Turn Failure Into a Positive

Failure is Not a Dirty Word Failure is a good thing. There, I said it. My past experiences have given me clarity about the topic of failure.  In essence, I believe that the best life and business lessons come from setbacks and failures. Some of these setbacks felt like a kick in the belly from … Read more