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Your Regular Marketing Skinny #17

Your Regular Marketing Skinny Hey, if you didn’t read my last Marketing Skinny, get it HERE 1. Hookers and Me (it’s not what you think) CLICK HERE 2. Should Newbie Marketers Avoid Spending Money On Ads? CLICK HERE 3. The Bangkok Blahs (Bored Out Of My Brain In One Of The World’s Most Exciting Cities.) … Read more

O Desk Back Office View For Budding Outsourcers

How Internet Marketers Can Use O Desk to Get More Done Should marketers use an outsourcing platform like O Desk to improve their prioductivity.  Probably, but there are traps and pitfalls. So I recorded an instructional video which shows my O Desk back office.  Some good tips here….. I’ve also discussed this topic on another … Read more