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Little Sister Given Leg Up By Big Brother (how dogged persistence and a lucky break changed her life forever)

You’ve heard of the TV show Big Brother? I wasn’t a fan, but the other day I watched a replay of the Filipino version. My friend said ‘Did you know that Pokwang got her start on shows like Big Brother?’ The lady she was referring to was known to me. I had seen her do … Read more

Baby Boomers Retiring: Business Options For Baby Boomers

Retiring Baby Boomers – Ideas For More Income From one baby boomer to another I’ve got something to tell you. It ain’t all bad. Sure the old body doesn’t work as well as it used to. And sometimes we forget things. Well, at least I do! The good news is that we have a lifetime … Read more

Digital Nomad – Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh

Eric Kayser in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Eric Kayser is a French boulangerie chain.  Mighty good if you like great French bread and various sweet delicacies, such as this….. Or this…… Every Sunday afternoon I take a walk to M Kayser and Co, so I can pick up a couple of … Read more