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Daegan Smith Review

daegan smith review

The King of Never Calling a Lead – MLM Rock Star?

The self-proclaimed, “King of Never Calling a Single Lead,” is Daegan Smith, a multilevel marketing (MLM) guru who built his MLM Empire by mastering the art of ignoring his cell phone. For those of you whose work pace slackens at the thought of making a prospecting phone call, this guru may be the marketing mentor of your dreams.

A few months ago I met Daegan at an internet marketing seminar and my lasting impression of him was of a guy who is astraight shooter with a wealth of marketing knowledge and know how.

About Daegan Smith

As with many stories surrounding our MLM gurus, Daegan Smith’s start in the MLM industry began as an act of desperation. Before making millions through direct sale and consulting opportunities he began his professional career as a broke Fed Ex delivery guy.

Today, Daegan Smith mentors network marketers all over the world and continues to build his down line for his direct sale marketing companies. Smith’s MLM curriculum: Maximum Leverage, The Official Daegan Smith Solo Ad Secrets Training Course, and his, Zero Resistance Recruiting programs are well known within the industry as results-driven strategies that work.

How Else Does He Make Income?

Daegan Smith has a variety of training programs for people building home-based businesses. Smith and his business partner Michael Anderson are best known in these circles for their, The Power Prospective System course. He also authors a handful of free newsletters on that talk about mastering internet marketing. Smith’s central focus in on teaching online marketing courses but he also creates advanced courses on email marketing and magnetic marketing for his students. Smith also posts videos and blogs on a regular basis.

What Can I Learn from Smith?

It’s been said that Smith personally generates 1,000 leads each day. According to some online marketers his numbers are actually a lot higher than that- coming in at around 2,600 leads in one day. There are testimonials about the effectiveness of Daegan Smith’s strategies all over the web—but you will still need to decide for yourself. He is also known to give away free lectures, tips and tools. Smith is known in MLM circles for his big heart and his willingness to teach others what works and what doesn’t.

Gurus Get Mentored By Daegan

According to one network marketer who met Daegan Smith in person, the guru has mentored the likes of Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, Brian and Norbert, Adam Holland, and Tracey Walker.

The King of Never Calling a Lead

Daegan Smith is known as a teacher’s teacher who continues to make a huge impact on the MLM industry every day. Regardless of what you conclude about his online marketing methods, he is the undisputed leader in generating leads without calling and has a loyal following that encompasses some of the MLM industry’s brightest stars.


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