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Tips For Facebook Organic Engagement

Get this: 95% of marketers don’t make money.

Let’s get down to business, or to be more specific, making sales on Facebook……

Recently I wrote about a lady who was getting a lot of engagement on her Facebook posts.  And she maintained that high level of engagement for more than a year. But at the end of last year, she quit.


From an engagement perspective, she was doing great. But when it came to bottom-line income, she wasn’t making money.  There are so many people like this.  They start out full of optimism, play the Facebook engagement game, and can’t work out why they’re not making money.

You may have seen people on Facebook with a significant following.  Lots of Comments and Likes – the outward signs of success are there, but is it real?  For some, yes.  But for others, it’s a popularity contest.

Be clear on this – popularity doesn’t pay the bills.  It doesn’t generate leads and make sales.

Unless the other elements of a marketing campaign are in place, sales will not happen.  Why do I mention this?  Well, it’s the old thing about engagement.  It’s not the be-all and end-all; it’s not an end in itself. It’s just a means to an end.

Yes, we need engagement on our content for social proof reasons, and because it will help increase our reach, Facebook will display the content to more people.

But it’s not about vanity; we’re not pop stars eagerly chasing popularity.

I digress, back to business…..

I’ve got three steps for you. Let’s have a look at number one:

1). Don’t Post Just For Engagement

Most of my serious posts get a fraction of the engagement that comes get from my more frivolous content.  But I don’t care that the engagement is low.

I know I’ve got lurkers who read this stuff. They don’t comment, but they’re taking it in.  And when the time is right, they’ll send me a message.  So you need serious content, too – the type of content that will hit the spot for your perfect prospect.

Do it for the quiet followers, do it for the lurkers.

2). Be Strategic About Your Comments

Be discerning about commenting on other people’s content.

Don’t comment on content posted by every Tom, Dick, and Harriet.  Other than close family and friends, comment on posts from people you would like to have as clients.  If you’re here for business, you need to take this approach.  You’re not here for frivolous activities. You’re not here to be entertained.

Oh right – you want entertainment. Hang on, I’ll grab my guitar and serenade you with an Aussie lullaby.

3). Spend More Time On Messenger

Some people fear using Messenger, because it’s a more intimate activity than commenting on posts.

Real conversations are like that, yeah?

Messenger is where you make money, not on your newsfeed.  You can generate leads there, and you can plant seeds, but transactions rarely happen on your newsfeed; you make money on Messenger.

So how much time do you spend on Messenger every day?  Is it an hour, two hours, three hours, 10 minutes, or none?  Your goal should be to have half a dozen good-quality conversations a day.

The final thing you can do is promote an offer like a free video or cheat sheet.  Something that makes it easy for people to say yes.

It will help you get inbound leads; providing the post you wrote is helpful, and your free offer promises a solution to a pressing problem.

That’s it.

Learn more about the right content mix for you. Ask for my 7+2 Content Avatars video.

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