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Facebook Organic Leads – More Dough For You

In Search of the Perfect Way to Ramp Up Your Flow of Organic Leads

Anyone who knows me knows this:

I love food.

Yes, I’m a foodie and proud of it.

I like most cuisines, but my standout fav is French.  If you’ve been to France, you’ll know why the country is often referred to as The Home of Gastronomy.

While good food is a way of life for the Italians, it’s an obsession for the French. But it’s more than that: it’s an art form.

In 400 years, the French have transformed the way food is prepared and served. And not just for the French; in many parts of the world, chefs are often heavily influenced by the all-conquering French technique.

Amazing to think that previously there wasn’t a definable French cuisine. France was previously like a vassal state of the mighty Roman Empire. Even though the Empire had disintegrated, the lingering Italian influence meant that France’s food was fundamentally Italian.

So here I am in Cambodia, a former French colony. The French influence lingers, which partially explains why I’ve hung around for more than five years.

There are plenty of French and French-influenced restaurants here – perfect for a guy like me. The other plus is that their prices are about half compared to first-world countries like Australia, the USA, and of course, France.

Not that I go to restaurants every day. I eat at home most of the time, but when it’s time to eat French, I head for my local boulangerie to buy some bread – baguettes. But last week, there was a supply problem – they ran out of special white flour (imported from France) so couldn’t bake white baguettes. The owner said they had other baguettes baked with rye or wholemeal flour, but I didn’t want them on that day.  

So I jumped onto a tuk-tuk and headed for another shop. No luck there either. Finally, after FIVE attempts, I found some perfectly baked WHITE baguettes – crunchy on the outside and a bit doughy inside. These white baguettes were perfect for me for that day.


I am thinking about this story and its similarity to content requirements on a platform like Facebook.

Every day is different, with different content requirements. Just as there are different bread types, there are various content types.

Some days I want leads; other days I want engagement; other days I want to establish authority or demonstrate competence.

I don’t know how to bake a loaf of bread, but I sure as heck know how to put kick-butt content pieces together.

If you’ve decided to crack the Facebook organic code, you’ll need to be acutely aware of the different content types.

I’ve recorded a training on this topic called 7+2 Content Avatars.

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