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Facebook Organic Methods – Your First $100k Online

Your Simple Game Plan

Want inbound DM’s from genuine prospects who need help NOW?

First up, you need to get your head right.

Forget about $100k a month online.  

Resist the self-serving baloney from marketers who love to stimulate your greed gland.

For them, it’s a game. For you, not so much. More like an impending blood bath when dollars flow from you to them.

So, focus on solving problems and let the income fall where it may.

If you haven’t made your first $50k online, focus on that first. And not in a month; take as long as you want to reach that threshold. Once done, set the next goal – $100k cumulative. Just DO IT.

And when I say ONLINE, I mean online. I don’t care how much money you made in the offline world; if you want to make it happen here, people will judge you according to your results here—no faking it.

Here is my 3 Step Facebook Organic Plan – I’ve held nothing back.

Step #1 – Optimize Your FB Profile

Yeah, I know. 

You’ve heard it 100 times before. 

But it’s true. At the very least, let people know what you do for a crust.

No confused messaging, no multiple links to different offers. Just one link, and make sure it’s relevant for your audience. 

And as for including your Calendly link, all I can say is – why the heck would you do something like that? Wouldn’t you want to at least have a chat with someone first? 

It’s a dumb way to do business, especially for newbies. Besides, if you haven’t mastered the messaging/content game, the chances of someone booking a call with you are slim to none. (Reason: content and messaging drives audience growth. No audience = no business.) 

Also, be careful about your profile pic. A headshot of a smiling you is required, nice and clear.

Another thing. 

Try and avoid the temptation to feature a cover pic that looks like a frigging ad billboard. It’s overkill for your personal profile. Subtle is best, so include a cover pic overlaid with a few keywords and leave it at that. 

Or feature a lovely family or lifestyle shot.

And one more thing. Your About Me section. A much-neglected piece of digital real estate. Some of your best prospects will visit that page in their quest to discover more about you.

This assumes you’re getting some action from your posts, of course. If you’re not, well, no one will bother looking at your About section, will they?

Summary Statement

Be sure to include your statement (under the cover pic) clearly describing who you work with and how you help them.

Step #2 – Sort Out Your Content

Many people struggle with content.  

Group 1: They hate it and, by extension, are crap at it.  

Group 2: They love writing, but they are also crap at it, even though many think they’re good social media writers (delusional fools). Oh dear.  

Group 3: They’re good at it, and they may or may not love it.

Which group do you belong to?

The point is that it doesn’t matter where you’re at now; what matters is your commitment to getting better. 


So, get to work and write two to three business-focused posts. Start now. Pick a problem you know you can solve and write about that. (Need help with your writing? Send me a DM.) 

And don’t be afraid to go granular – often granular is best for longer posts. 

Step #3 – The Right Way to Use FB Groups

Many of your ideal clients hang out in FB Groups. Here are some tips: 

 Find Your Groups

 Go to the search bar and type your relevant keywords.  

Then search groups pertinent to your niche. There will probably be dozens. Look for groups with a reasonable amount of engagement and new member growth.  

Keep in mind that large groups are not necessarily best (lack of intimacy being the main problem). Avoid spammy groups like the plague (or COVID!). 

 Ramp Up the Value

This will take a bit of work, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have no choice but to bite the bullet. Here are a few specific ways you can use to create the perception that you are the go-to person in your space:

Post Insightful Content

Avoid posting the typical engagement-seeking crap that plagues most groups. Example: ‘Why Did You Start Coaching?’ and other inane questions.

I’m talking about insightful posts that put the cat amongst the pigeons. They can be long-form or smaller. If long-form, you need to go deep. I call it the granular approach – don’t hold back.  

Avoid fluff and padding. Avoid cliches, generalities, feel-good drivel, and motherhood statements. Try not to emulate what others are doing.  

People are looking for insights, nuances, breakthroughs, and new angles. Do you have that? Mmm, maybe you need to figure it out before you write a single word.  

Another vital point – don’t just teach from a theoretical perspective. Share a small success story – make it real and relatable.

 Insightful Comments

 This is similar to the Insightful Post strategy; you’re drilling deep in response to someone else’s post or comment.

Look for other people’s comment-worthy posts. Be discerning about this; otherwise, you’ll spin your wheels in commenting threads that will lead you nowhere.   

Provide plenty of value that helps solve the person’s problem without strings. Avoid saying these things: ‘I hope this was helpful’; ‘if you need more help, DM me’ etc.

Done right, you WILL automatically get DM’s from people.

Yes, it takes more time, but how’s your current approach working for ya? ‘Nuff said.

 The Role of Storytelling.

If you can weave story-based snippets into your posts and comments, by all means, do it.  

People love reading well-written stories; they remember stories long after facts and figures have been forgotten. This is especially true if the stories are personal – your story.  

If you can share a result, including the action steps you took to achieve it, do it. Remember the Law of Specificity – specifics outsell generalities every time.

Take ACTION on what I said, and let me know your results. Hop to it.

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