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How to Write Good and Sell Stuff 10

Tenth Lesson.  Tools, Fools, and Jewels Yesterday’s Lesson: Pick a Fight When You Know You’re Right Hey hey, it’s tool time. Not quite.  Writers don’t need many tools. I only use two writing-related tools: Grammarly. A fabulous tool to help you improve your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. A day doesn’t pass without using Grammarly. Hemingway. […]

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Episode 2. Engineered For Success

With Special Guest Will Banks

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Build Your Tribe

Smart Ways to Build Your Tribe. PART 1

So, let’s look at different ways to build your tribe of super keen followers. I’ve done quite well building warm audiences on Facebook using my page, personal profile, and groups. I haven’t yet made millions from Facebook, but the total income generated has now reached $250k. All from free methods. For this post, I want […]

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The Hero’s Journey – To the Pinnacle

KIMBO THE BIMBO A Very Naughty Boy This is a story that is partly about gratification, the instant kind. We all seek it at various times, sad to say.  But it’s also a lesson about Business and Marketing, including Archetypes. I’m featuring two personality and behavioral types for this lesson. I’ll get to the lesson […]

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Keith Richards, His Book, and Why Bland Messaging Never Works

Let’s take a walk on the wild side (apologies to Lou Reed) and posit that Keith (Keef) Richards wrote a new book about Mick and the boys through the lens of a sober man (yeah, right). It will be published in 9 months. Not any old Richards’ book (he’s written a few – ten plus). […]

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Three Things I Learnt From My First $20k Month

Three Things + 1 It happened in my third month as a newbie affiliate marketer. Boom!   I was promoting a high ticket offer and after a few glitches in month 1, there was no stopping me.  Keep in mind that I was being paid in Australian dollars but $AU26,000+in just my 3rd month was […]

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Call to Adventure and Hero Journey

YOU: The Hero In Your Story

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. Joseph Campbell. This is an interesting quote; a metaphor loaded with meaning. Our never-ending quest to move forward, in pursuit of a reward, is often tempered by our fear. What does it mean when fear wins? You’re not ready yet. Sure you want the […]

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The 5 Mistakes That Keep Even Smart Marketers Broke

Ok, here is my list of reasons why many budding marketers struggle.  Take a look. 1. Flitting Like a Butterfly. These people have short attention spans.  If something doesn’t work in 5 minutes, they’re thinking about the next big thing. These are the instant gratification junkies; the gamblers and speculators of this world. They’re always looking for […]

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How to Be a Quiet Achiever in Online Marketing

Most of the marketing in the home business industry centers around an extravagant lifestyle, cars, mansions, boats and the ability to make staggering levels of income. Don’t be fooled though. Most people in this industry don’t make it to a top-1% level of income and wealth. And, truth be told, they don’t even WANT to […]

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Top 9 Tips for Affiliate Marketers Video

9 Tips For Affiliate Marketers – Become the Trusted Advisor

Hey, if you didn’t read my last Tip in this series, get it HERE. And here is my latest tip……. Tip 3.  If They Trust You, the Rest Is EASY What’s the biggest impediment to success in sales and marketing (assuming you’re now generating plenty of leads)?  Getting people to trust you. Lack of trust […]

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