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My Simple Organic Facebook Lead Method Revealed

If you LOOVE cold pitching, spamming groups and spraying links on your personal page, move on. This post isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you have a hunger to attract qualified people who are keen to talk, read on. You’re gonna love this.

Picture this. Three warm to hot leads a day. They’re keen and have the money to buy. How many can you convert?

Before I spill the beans, let me tell you what we DON’T do:

We don’t spend money on ads

We don’t harass people on Messenger

We don’t vomit in groups

We don’t turn our personal page into an ugly advertising billboard. Yeech!

And we don’t do Facebook Lives

In a nutshell, we use organic methods to get the leads flowing. My fav? Write a post and watch a mini-miracle unfold. But most people mess up here big time. It’s a disaster zone of forlorn hope and lost opportunities. Frankly, most people suck at content.

Your content must hit the spot for the reader. Not genius content, not award-winning content. Just simple stuff that works. Do it right, and you’ll blow your competitors out of the water.

Why? Because your readers will say to themselves, ‘I feel he’s talking directly to me.’

Some say that organic is slow and time-consuming. Slow? I generated my first INBOUND leads in a week. And sales flowed a week later. Fast enough for ya?

And I did it without spamming anyone or spending a cent on ads. And get this: most of them asked ME to buy. Wowee.

As for the time factor. If it takes you an hour to create a post that generates 5 to 50 leads, would that be a great ROE (Return on Effort)? ‘Nuff said.

So, the first step is to generate the lead. Let the content do the heavy lifting.

My system then automatically sifts and sorts – we ONLY talk to the BEST folks. How good is that?

I’m going to give you access to a video I put together for my students who attended my high-priced Mastermind last year. It’s called 7+2 Content Archetypes.

This one-hour video will show you how to generate inbound leads without spamming or pitching people. Ever.

Normally I wouldn’t give this incredibly valuable information away, but it’s so good I decided to share it with the world.

Here is the deal:

Your commitment is to review it, then leave a sweet comment here, ok?

Grab the video now – send me a message on Facebook and I’ll give it to you.

7+2 Content Archetypes


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