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Network Marketing Blog to Generate Leads and Income – 7 Tips

7 ways to generate leads from your network marketing blog

7 Ways to Use a Blog For Your Network Marketing Business

I created my first blog in 2008.  Reason?  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Looking back I can say without fear of contradiction that I had no idea what I was doing.

I had this muddled view that if I started a blog, somehow – as if by magic – all of this traffic would come to me.   Like bees to a honey pot.

Well, after 6 months of writing and posting unfocused garbage I thought it might be a good idea to study the topic and see where I was going wrong.

What I learnt was that if I was to get my stuff picked up by the search engines I had to understand KEYWORD strategy.  After implimenting my keword strategy a few months later someof my blog posts were getting ranked on the first page of Google.  Yay!

Since then I’ve learnt a lot more, and for this post I have shared 7 tips which is a distilation of some of what I’ve learnt over the last 5 years.

1. Work in a Tight Niche.  It makes a lot of sense to focus on niches that attract good traffic, but are less competitive than the usual suspects.  If you target large niches, the chances of getting ranked for the keywords associated with those niches, is slim to none. 

 2. Research Your Keywords.  Understanding keyword strategy is vital.  The search engines rank content based on the keyword/s contained therein.  When you research different keywords look for keywords that are less competitive.  Once you have found a suitable keyword, create your content around that keyword or keyword phrase.  Use Google’s free keyword tool to identify appropriate keywords.

3.  Write Interesting Content.   Some marketers are so consumed by keyword strategy that they forget the golden rule of online marketing – create content that will be interesting to humans.  Search engines now measure ‘stickability’ so that even if you’ve done everything right from an SEO point of view (to get your page ranked), the benefit will be short lived.  Google will mark you down if a searcher doesn’t stay on your site long.

4. Use Keywords Sparingly in Your Content.  Include your keyword in your headline and your sub headings.  Do not flood your content with your keyword.

5.  Include a Call to Action.  The purpose of your blog post is to get it ranked so the search engines will send you free traffic.  The other purpose is to generate leads and income.  There is no point in doing all of the work necesssary to create content and attract visitors to your site if you don’t promote your product, service or opportunity.  The normal way to do it is to include a link to your ‘money page’.  Be careful when linking to your money page – its better to use a synonym of your keyword than the actual keyword itself.

6.  Understand Google’s New Rules.  You may have heard about the Google Panda and Penguin updates.  The effect of these updates was that fast buck marketers were wiped out overnight.  Google is relentless in its quest to create a worthwhile user experience.  In essence they no longer give as much weight to the quantity of backlinks pointing to your pages.  They now factor in additional indicators such as social media signals and site stickability (how long a searcher stays on your site).  When evaluating backlinks to your site, they look at niche relevancy and the quality of the links.

7.  Do Some Simple Backlinking.  Speaking of backlinking some of the keywords you select may not need any backlinks for them to rank on the first page of Google.  However, if a keyword is reasonably competitive the key differentiator between you and a competitor may well be the number of quality backlinks pointing back to your page.  Creating content for niche specific sites such as Better Networker and Warrior Forum will give you backlinks from suitable authority sites.  Backlinks from mega platforms such as You Tube is also advised.

Look to my next post for Part 2

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