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The Words That Sell podcast features tips, tactics, and strategies to help you generate more leads and make more sales in your business. Hosted by Kim Willis, the core focus will be copywriting and text-based content.

However, he will also feature other communication modes from time to time, including voice call, video, and live streaming techniques. Some broadcasts will be in the form of a solo lesson from Kim, while others will feature theme congruent guest speakers.


  1. Adventures With Words.  Kim Willis.
  2. Engineered For Success.  Kim Willis With Guest Will Banks.
  3. Born For Business.  Kim Willis With Guest Steve Cloward.
  4. Back From the Brink.  Kim Willis With Guest Melanie Mendoza.
  5. Foreign Correspondent.  Kim Willis with Guest Heather Boyer.
  6. 7 Free Ways to Crush It On Facebook in 2020.  Kim Willis.

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