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21 Ways to Build a Cult Following For Your Business. Part 1

WAY 1. Push Back Many people love to push back against the traditional way of doing things. You can set yourself apart from the norm by articulating a clear difference between your cult (business or otherwise) and the status quo. See yourself as an agent of change, a provocateur, and a maverick. Where is my … Read more

MLM Passive Income BS

Can You Create Passive Income With MLM Programs? I seem to get pitched daily by people promoting MLM programs offering passive income. Here is the problem. If the so-called passive income depends on an army of uncommitted people to produce it, count me out. I’m not gonna hang my hat on a bunch of people … Read more

6 Principles For Network Marketers In The Online Age

Out With the Old – The New Way to Build a Network Marketing Business Online (Or Even Offline) A lot of people have tried to build a network marketing business online.  But here is the problem.  Online strategies are often complicated and – believe it or not – slow.  Success loves speed, especially in the … Read more

Blog Multiple Entry Points to Get More Leads

Blog Multiple Entry Points to Get More Leads Once you’ve got some traffic coming to your blog you will want to entice a portion of site visitors to make an enquiry.  The way to do that is to make it easy for people to opt into your list. That’s why I recorded this training video … Read more

Surviving the Affiliate Marketing Apocalypse…

If you haven’t noticed yet, 2014 is bringing some huge changes in our industry.   And if you’re not hip to these changes, you’ll remain lost.  You’ll be one of the victims of the great affiliate marketing downturn.  Instead of thriving, you’ll at best only be surviving.You’ll be making tiny profits instead of huge lucrative commissions … Read more

What Are the Best Keywords for Your MLM Business?

And How is This Relevant For Network and Affiliate Marketers? The best keywords for your business are words that both your industry colleagues and your customer base will use to locate information on the web. If you want a network marketing strategy that will help you generate more leads by leveraging the internet, then you absolutely must … Read more

Transform Your WordPress Blog Into an Affiliate Marketing Money Machine!

Using Your WordPress Blog to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Now before I get started on this topic let me repeat once again that affiliate marketing should NOT be the main game if you want and need to create a full time income any time soon.  Unless you have a great deal of skill it … Read more