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Bull Frog Porridge? I'll Pass

If you’ve travelled a little or a lot one thing you’ll know is that diferent regions and countries have diferent preferences regarding food.  Recently I visited Singapore (was on a business trip).  To say that Singapore is a foodies paradise is an understatement.  From the ultra cheap -try $2 – 3 for a delcious lunch … Read more

Empower Network To Crack $2 Million in Commissions

It official. Empower Network – after little more than 6 weeks since launch – has over 12,000 active members. And – get this…………… A grand total of $1,870,248.20 in commissions has been paid out… …and it’s just the start. Remember how it took just over a 4 weeks to pay out $1,000,000? We just did … Read more