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How to Promote an Offer That's Already Saturated

The Downside For Successful Online Marketers How do you handle it when the proram you are promoting becomes saturated in the online space?  Interesting question, eh? The reality with the online world is that news travel very fast – a program that seems fresh and ‘new’ today can be yesterday’s news in 6 months time.  … Read more

Toby and Layla Black – Back to the Future

Toby and Layla Kick Butt With Empower Network – Again Well, there’s never a dull moment with Toby and Layla Black (nee Staats), that’s for sure.   I first heard about them when they  were high rollers for MLSP (My Lead System Pro) and My Video Talks.  They were using MLSP to generate leads, then … Read more

Bull Frog Porridge? I'll Pass

If you’ve travelled a little or a lot one thing you’ll know is that diferent regions and countries have diferent preferences regarding food.  Recently I visited Singapore (was on a business trip).  To say that Singapore is a foodies paradise is an understatement.  From the ultra cheap -try $2 – 3 for a delcious lunch … Read more

Empower Network To Crack $2 Million in Commissions

It official. Empower Network – after little more than 6 weeks since launch – has over 12,000 active members. And – get this…………… A grand total of $1,870,248.20 in commissions has been paid out… …and it’s just the start. Remember how it took just over a 4 weeks to pay out $1,000,000? We just did … Read more

Empower Network and David Wood – Weird Outsider Breaks the Rules

OK, I wasn’t going to say much more about the Empower Network. I’ve been writing about it for a few weeks and if you haven’t acted by now, you probably never will. So forget Empower Network.  This is not about that. This email is about something more profound than a mere business opportunity. I’m talking … Read more