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Anke Herrmann

Episode 7: Spanish Adventure With Anke Herrmann

Kim Willis With Special Guest: Anke Herrmann Today’s guest is Anke Herrmann. Anke is a Passion Business Coach, Podcast host, Certified Clarity Coach (& Mentor), online tech-loving geek, teacher, dressmaker, and crazy dog lady. Phew! In 2004 she quit her IT job in the UK and moved to the south of Spain to start a […]

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Little Sister Given Leg Up By Big Brother (how dogged persistence and a lucky break changed her life forever)

You’ve heard of the TV show Big Brother? I wasn’t a fan, but the other day I watched a replay of the Filipino version. My friend said ‘Did you know that Pokwang got her start on shows like Big Brother?’ The lady she was referring to was known to me. I had seen her do […]

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New Years Eve and Zombie Bars in Siem Reap Cambodia

Mikey’s Bar in Siem Reap – A Suitable Case For Treatment Well, New Year’s Eve was interesting. Here we were in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  My partner and I had moved to this famous town a couple of months earlier.  We were looking forward to the festive season, knowing full […]

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Baby Boomers Retiring: Business Options For Baby Boomers

Retiring Baby Boomers – Ideas For More Income From one baby boomer to another I’ve got something to tell you. It ain’t all bad. Sure the old body doesn’t work as well as it used to. And sometimes we forget things. Well, at least I do! The good news is that we have a lifetime […]

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You Need Skills to Pay Your Bills

Karaoke No Jokey (turns me into narky blokey)  Yeah, well I’ve moved I was going to go to Vietnam for 6 months but decided to stay put here in Cambodia for a while longer. Reason. Frankly, I couldn’t handle the disruption. So busy at the mo’ and losing a couple of weeks finding an apartment […]

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Fat Bastard and Mini Me. What they taught me about business

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about that crazy Austin Powers movie aren’t you? Thought so. Well, this is not about that movie, although I saw it again the other night and laughed my head off. Rather I want to talk about a couple of countries – China and Vietnam. I currently live […]

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Eric Kayser in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Digital Nomad – Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh

Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Eric Kayser is a French boulangerie chain.  Mighty good if you like great French bread and various sweet delicacies, such as this….. Or this…… Every Sunday afternoon I take a walk to M Kayser and Co, so I can pick up a couple of […]

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George Benson versus Nightmare AD

Nightmare on Sharky’s Street Sharky Bar is a famous (or is it infamous?) rock and roll bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  It is also a haven for rock tragics, feral hippies, expat sleazebags, and hookers.  And then there is me.  At Sharky Bar I’m like a fish out of water.  I know it, but hey, […]

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Confessions of a Digital Nomad (Free Webinar Invite)

They ask me how I do it They think that maybe one day they’ll do the same thing Is it possible? I’m talking about the digital nomad lifestyle I’ve been living for the last 2 years. This is for you if you’ve ever dreamed of just dropping out of the rat race for a while. […]

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James McAllister Smiling

James McAllister Blog – A Valuable Resource

Successful Marketer Started When He Was 14 – and He’s Never Had a Job! My eldest son, Damien, is age 28 and has never had a job. My youngest son, Nathan, is age 25 and has never had a job. Both my cousins have never had jobs (other than as apprentices, but that was thirty […]

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